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Instinct 2 Solar (Tactical) "Washed Out" Display: Anyone else having this problem w/their display?


The GI2 (on right) is much more "washed out" and closer to purple when compared to the original's vibrant blue (on left); both are backlit to 100%. Moreover, the viewing angle on the GI2 is simply terrible... clearly, the new "domed" PowerGlass does not add one of the primary advantages of having a domed crystal which is improving the visibility at acute angles (especially underwater) by mitigating light reflectiveness. I'm not impressed at all. As opposed to the original solar models, the new GI2s have a "full" solar panel behind the display, so this may be the cause of both the tint and viewing discrepancies; I've contacted Garmin support and am waiting for some explanation... hopefully it is just that I may have a defective watch (which can then be replaced by Garmin).  Also, much as I appreciate the improved display resolution of 176x176 (which does make the text look crisper), they've taken advantage of that to make the overall text smaller in order to fit more data displayed on the screen size; that's all well and good, but it does make it more of a strain for legibility... not all of us have a 25 y/o sight. As usual, Garmin did incorporate a font size setting; I've provided them with that feedback and feature suggestion, so hopefully they will add that in a future update.  Has anyone else noticed this issue? 

  • this answer does not accurately address the issue. That's also why some are holding out hope Garmin does correctly address the issue with either a answer that makes sense

    This will never happen ! You have already listed Garmin's answers. That's where it will stay. Garmin will not declare the problem fixed. From Garmin's point of view, it doesn't seem to be a worldwide problem. A few users in the forum will not change anything. Consider how many watches Garmin sells every day. And how few people hang out here on the forum.
    Garmin also doesn't care if a few people here "threaten" to switch to Coros or another manufacturer. Garmin makes record profits every year.

    Maybe Garmin will work on it in the background, and eventually sell a better display. But if something like that happens, it will be in the background. They won't say "so, we've fixed the problem. You can now exchange all your watches.
    If you believe that, you will be really disappointed. So once again, don't waste your energy on something that won't happen.

  • Maybe Garmin will work on it in the background, and eventually sell a better display. But if something like that happens, it will be in the background. They won't say "so, we've fixed the problem. You can now exchange all your watches.

    This is exactly what I think will happen. I don't disagree with you at all. That being said, this forum is specifically for relating problems and ideas about a product. That's what's happening. Even if nothing will change there is nothing wrong with people doing exactly that and being disappointing with how I also expect Garmin is going to handle this.

    That also brings up the aspect that if a year from now the screen is rotated to the correct angle whats going to happen when a few people try to RMA their devices.

  • Oh wow so you verified this to be not an issue by looking at ONE watch in ONE specific lightning environment?

    How do you know the previous poster is a native speaker, btw?

    And what is this nonsense you write about conspiracies and DaVinci code-cracking? 

    Everything you write honestly reads like you project lots of personal issues onto other users. Despite you making some valid points, I cannot take anything seriously at this point.

    With all respect, I think this is not just a matter of you having a different perspective than others here and honestly since you cannot contribute in any meaningful way, I think it would be best if you take your own advice; save time and energy and move along.

  • Now you're just being reactionary and toxic.

    Also, how do you know that my second language isn't English?

  • I never assumed your primary and/or secondary language?

  • Listen, whether I agree or don’t agree with most of the assessments of the display in this thread, I see a lot of unhappy customers who should be returning their watches. If I’m that unhappy with a product when I first buy it, I return it.

    If you feel that you want to convey your opinions to Garmin, pick up your phone and call them. That’s how you resolve problems. Posting here on this forum about your displeasure does nothing, other than cementing the philosophy that misery loves company.

  • I agree with you 100%. Thumbsup

  • All I can say is I wish the unsubscribe from the email option worked. "You received this notification because you subscribed to the forum. To unsubscribe from only this thread, go here." Garmin forum team, that link does not work.
    Luckily you can click on More > Turn reply notifications off.

  • Another clear example in Here  where you can see how bad is at night. Again I know some people is super happy so no need to check the video even to come to this post Slight smile