If there are deficiencies in the compass of the Garmin Fenix 7 PRO, similar to those observed in the Garmin Fenix 7?

Hello, I would like to inquire if the compass issue on the new Garmin  Fenix 7Pro has been fixed. Does rotating the lower pin still affect the compass? I am contemplating switching from the Fenix 7 to the Fenix 7 Pro.

  • Hi Chris,

    And have there been any design changes to the buttons in the new series ?

    I saw a review on youtube, in which someone claims that they are slightly different.

  • I see. Well mine works great afaik, no issues there.

  • And have there been any design changes to the buttons in the new series ?

    The Pro series is completely a new build and buttons will change if needed. As far as overall, the buttons have been thoroughly tested.

  • My Fenix 7X SS has zero compass issues. 

    My guess is a batch of springbars were magnetized which would affect the compass. Just to note make sure the watch is on a stable surface (like a table top) when spinning the springbars to see if there is an issue. When spinning the springbars in hand you add an extra variable of motion which may lead you to believe there is an issue. 

    The springbars used are the shoulderless variety and are difficult to remove. The easiest removal (with damage) would be using diagonal wire cutters to cut the bar and replace with a new set.  Without damage: dental floss is also a method, but is tedious or a thin strong razor may may work to remove the existing springbars. Then you could simply use a demagnetizer on them (but not on the watch)

  • Thank you. I understand that the compass on the Fenix 7 works, but it's not for nothing that 460 pages  https://forums.garmin.com/outdoor-recreation/outdoor-recreation/f/fenix-7-series/286248/fenix-7x-saphire-solar---compass-stops-working were written about the compass in the thread. I just want to make sure whether this issue is resolved in the new PRO version or not.  To avoid improvising by sticking pins together, removing them, and replacing them with non-magnetic ones, I consider this to be absurd.

  • I ordered sapphire version of 7 pro and once I get it, will test compass within return window. Hopefully Garmin sorted this out especially this is a new build.

  • Well 13.22 has some compass fixes. 

    Absurd or not, magnetism of the springbars can occur just in the environment. For example my mechanical watch which is designed to be magnetically resistant was getting magnetized by using my induction stove top. I adapted and dont wear the watch near the stove top, simple.

    Sometimes life happens. As far as the lengthy thread I take it with a grain of a salt. I find most of the posts demonstrate limited understanding of most functions of the watch with many users unable or unwilling to seek answers using resources such as the manual. 

  • So I got today a new pro sapphire version directly from Garmin and can confirm that rotating lower and upper pin does NOT affect compass even by 1 degree. No changes at all. 

    I know that it's not proper use of the watch but after reading so many pages of the previos thread this was really the best way to test it.

    Played with compass for around 15 minutes and all the time pointed the right direction even indoor. Sending back the unit only to replace it for a different colour.

    I hope this can help those who weren't sure.

  • Thank you, but the real "stress-test" is when the watch got near magnets (even small ones) and afterwards is tested. Then the pins could be magnetized and the known problems could occur.

    With no contact to magnetism one cannot tell if a F7 or F7 Pro could suffer from any issues regarding the compass.

    But please don't test that. Time will tell. The owners of a F7 Pro will probably get in contact with magnetism by chance and then will report an issue - or not.

  • When I got F7 few months ago, compass didn't work properly straight from the box and was affected by pins.