What does Fenix 8 / Tactix 8 Need To Have To Make You Upgrade?

all the 965 talk got me thinking about the future of fenix/tactix and what it would take to get me to upgrade. garmin has never disappointed me before and i don't expect them to in the future, but what to expect? for me it would be a pretty short list. i just need a new sensor. if there's not a new optical sensor with improved accuracy, i see no reason to upgrade as that is easily the most important aspect of the watch. ecg would be nice, i'd prefer to NOT have amoled (although battery with mips is nowhere near what garmin promises) and i don't really need wireless charging either (and it's WILDLY inefficient). i'd love to see better solar charging (better efficiency from the panels) or maybe something radical like flexible panels on the watch band. for tactix i'd like to see something over the top like emp-resistance. in the end though it would come down to elevate 5...

  • I want 2 things:

    1. Longer batter life, much better efficiency with solar panels
    2. Dept sensor to be able to use it for scuba diving. I can jump from a plane, i can shoot rifles why not scuba dive as well... Slight smile
  • flashlight feature on the midsize model please! Slight smile

  • Everything fenix7 has + voice prompt in activities are all I want, by speaker not earphones.

  • I just want the things I was hoping Fenix 7 would bring, but didn't.

    1. More storage space (PLEASE!), give us 64GB or more!
    2. More color depth (10-bit / 512 colors would be a massive improvement)
    3. Bump up the display sizes by 0.1 inches each (1.3", 1.4", 1.5")
    4. Increase screen resolutions accordingly (260x260, 280x280, 300x300)

    If I'm being honest, I'd probably fork over the money to upgrade if it even gets just 1 of those things

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    I expect the Fenix8 to have better battery life (twice as good as the 7?) and more efficient solar charging.


    And I would like all Garmin models to have a heart rate monitor, say once every ten minutes or once every minute, which is what Xiaomi's smartwatch uses to improve its battery life.


    The Fenix7 flashlight is still not bright enough. As an outdoor hiker, I wish the Fenix8 had a distress transmitter similar to the one on a lifeboat that could send distress messages over a certain frequency band


  • For the tactix 8 it's time to go back to (better) basics:

    - Gorilla Glass - no sapphire

    - No solar

    - No touch screen

    - Green backlight, just like was on the OG tactix - perfect for air deck ops at night

    - Same transflective MIP display 

    Just these retro-mods would result in a clear, easily readable display - what a concept.

    Now for increased durability / capability

    - Buttons as found on the Descent Mk2

    - Same magnetic coupling charger setup as found on the MARQ Gen 2

    - Dive (100 Metres) water rating - including all Dive features

    - All satellites with multi-frequency

    Now for some nice to haves:

    - More memory

    Come on, Garmin - I know you want to do this.

  • 1. Better screen contrast and clarity

    2. The same or better battery life, especially the battery life while in activity. 

    3. Automatic backlight/brightness management to make the screen optimally readable in all conditions

    4. The same or better GPS accuracy

    5. Bugs being fixed - not hopeful for this. None of the bugs that I reported in the last 3 years have been fixed. 

  • If the stuff that worked on the Fenix 6 and does not work on the 7 is fixed.

    But I learned my lessons with the 7, I will wait a few months if any functions that used to work fine are missing in the newer model. And of course if the issue from the 7 is still unresolved by then I have no reason to upgrade.

  • For me a breakthrough would be adding a lightweight version to the Fenix line, aiming for about 10mm thickness and reduced weight. I wouldn't mind some trade-offs like ditching solar, touchscreen, wi-fi, music, reducing battery size by 1/3, but to have the same premium materials (sapphire and titanium as standard), style, sports and health metrics.

    Of course, that LW version should not replace the current line. but target more casual athletes and make the watch more comfortable to all-day wearing with long sleeves or during the cold season. I don't know if my desired bulkiness reduction would be achievable without other major trade-offs, but if not I don't consider upgrading anytime soon, as I can't think of new features that might make me spend additional hundreds of dollars for upgrading.

  • For Scuba dive you have Descent, what makes you thinking that they will kill whole line of products?