Fenix 6pro not working properly after 26.00 software update

The 26 software update , resulted in my fenix 6x. Pro to drain battery very quickly . I charged it 100% didn’t do any activity and it fell in 30% in one day. Also the gps is not accurate . I mean the watch is useless with this software updaTe .

  • Fenix 6 pro battery draining like never before.

  • I am on software 26 and the watch is worthless, full charge to dead in 50 hours.  I am well past warranty so went ahead and changed battery as we all know batteries do also have a life limit.  Brand new battery, same issue.  Dis a full reset, Ive never added apps or screens/faces, no change to battery life.  The change happened so suddenly it has to be the software.  Love the watch and all it does but hate the idea of spending another $1000 with these guys for a 7 series.  Same could happen to that, series 8 coming in Feb?? just uncool!

  • unfortunately every new update has same problem and no one in garmin wants to answer!  

    i recommend that 

    1- do hard reset at first: 

    turn off watch (hold light button)

    HOLD down the Down, Back and Start Button

    Press light Button and wait the first beep

    release start and wait the second beep

    release other Buttons

    reset complete

    2- if it doesn't work, do  downgrade to older firmware and if it can't solve problem then back to new firmware 

  • Version 26 has connectivity issues with my cycling sensors. It keeps loosing connection with them every few minutes causing gaps in the data. This is a replacement watch as garmin though the 1st one was defective. Both watches worked fine until they were upgraded to version 26.

  • Is there a link somewhere to guide through installing older versions of software?

    I hear stories of Garmin sending people replacement (reconditioned) watches so I really don’t know why they don’t just release a v.26.1 software which could just be the last working version, would save a lot of people a lot of problems but hey…. I guess they prefer to sell more new watches than support customers with older models.