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Last Fw software disables the temperature sensor on swimming pool activity

As commented by  users on the thread 18.80 beta, Garmin has quietly disabled the temperature sensor on the swimming pool activity, I used to use it as a additional information. I can't find a justification for this I would like to have a reason from somebody from Garmin about why they take this decision.

  • maybe because the temp sensor in the watch makes no sense at all, as long as you have the watch on your arm. I would be happy if they would disable it for every activity (in terms of showing&recording, as it is needed for the internal barometer)

  • Specially inside the water has the more sense than outside it. I tested several times and being worn on the wrist inside the water the values are quite accurate. Anyway who needs this feature and others that provides this watch? There are someones that find some features useful and others not but there are avaliable and is up to you to use it or not. Removing features from the watch that they are avaliable onhe hardware is not the right choise.

  • Im on 18.80, just looked at pool swim. If I edit the activities data fields, temperature is still there under temp feilds?

  • Ah hang on - it's showing ---.- - does it populate when running or is it staying ---.- = That may just be a fw bug rather than a decision to remove it - as if they were going to remove it I'd suspect you wouldn't be able to add it - i'd report it to the beta team at [email protected] 

  • According the user "who knows" on the 18.80 beta sw thread he commented and i copy literally:

    It's not a bug.  According to support, the latest FW updates for the Fenix and Forerunner series disabled the barometer; therefore disabling the internal temperature sensor, for swimming activities.  The temperature you see in Connect is the outdoor temperature during your swimming activity. 

  • Is ist possible to disable the barometer seperately from the thermometer? Perhaps you could get this info from development or support. 

  • There is another thread topic like this on the f945 forum and most of the users are requesting this feature back as many of them fin it useful as me

  • I too would like it back and find in ironic that the only activity where temperature sensor is useful to me is being removed. I have it on my data screen and check the water temperature for OWS. I have a hard time swimming in cold water and this allows me to monitor how I am acclimating to the water temps which is useful.  In all other activities (besides swimming) it makes less sense to me in that the results are influenced by the location of the sensor and I have other means of knowing the temps outside.  Again, for swimming this is useful and I hope they bring it back.

  • Garmin on here private message me for more info on the problem, worked fine before 18.80.  The temp in Garmin connect is the pool temp, I did open water swim last night with 19.2 and the temp field works with fine