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Be Warned: Basecamp Satellite Imagery is now no longer Fenix 6 compatible

EDIT: Other people are using BC PC fine with satellite imagery... anyone else having a problem?

This has seemingly changed from recent years, and weirdly enough Basecamp Mac allows the install but Basecamp PC doesn't.

So if you have an existing subscription, be careful. Seems you need to use a Mac now to upload the imagery to the watch. I only found out when using Basecamp PC (which tells you) whereas Basecamp Mac not only doesn't tell you, but allows the files to copy over.

Surreal? It sure is.

PC says

Mac says 

  • Well I guess it's a good thing I downloaded a huge area already then.

    Would I be able to transfer the imagery I already downloaded to a different device? I've been considering buying a Tactix Solar, but I'm definitely not going to if it will be impossible to adds birdseye to it. In fact I'm unlikely to buy any new Garmin watches going forward, if the imagery that's already on my 6X is all I'll ever get a chance to have. I'll have to make my 6X last as long as possible. This was a terrible decision by Garmin.

    It's still letting me select and download new birdseye imagery, though... I'm downloading some new regions as we speak. So apparently it's still "sorta" compatible. I'm confused.

    The ability to use birdseye on this watch has been a major selling point for why I tell people the Fenix is so great. To take it away this feature (that we PAID FOR) for no apparent reason, and without warning, kind of feels like a slap in the face. Will Garmin be issuing partial refunds for the remainder of the full year that we paid for upfront, that we can't use anymore?

  • EDITED to avoid further confusion:

    "We have removed the compatibility of the Fenix 6 Pro series watches for the Birdseye Satellite Imagery."

    For any additional questions regarding Birdseye Imagery, please contact your regional Outdoor Product Support.

  • Chris - I bought a renewal a few days ago  (6th June) - my old subscription expired last year

  • (12th July 2020 my old subscription expired)

    Chris, may I suggest Garmin look into this as I'm a bit concerned the system didn't stop me buying it for my F6Pro, via Basecamp Mac!

  • Chris - just to verify Image #1 is my purchase a few days ago, and #2 is when my last order was made (and hence expired on July 2020)

  • Correct. We recommend against it for anyone else to buy it. That is why it is not on the compatible list. At the end of the day, you own the watch. Which means you can add other mapping too. It is up to you.

  • What I can't understand is Basecamp on one computer is happy to install it, and another isn't. 

    Or why it was removed from the compatible list in the first place?

  • So, are we likely to see future Basecamp (the app) updates blocking and enforcing this - so for those of us who have bought it, where do we stand? Especially since, I did all mine through Basecamp Mac which (as the image I've included in the original post shows) does not tell you that this imagery is now not "compatible"? I've paid for a years access to that imagery, will that be respected?

  • It has not been taken away. The Fenix 6 Pro series watches were removed from the compatibility list. Which simply means, we do not recommend buying it and downloading it to your Fenix 6 Pro series watch but to each their own. Maybe you will be perfectly happy but maybe you won't.

  • So any idea why Basecamp PC is not allowing me too, but my Mac version is? The PC version says its using grmnusb.sys version 2.1, and no matter how many times I install the 2.3 version drivers there's no difference