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Jaybird brand headphones disconnect (IE: Vista/Tara/etc.)

Just a fair warning for anyone expecting a major improvement, the jaybird headphone disconnection issues are still present in the latest firmware. The only way to fix it is still downgrading the Bluetooth firmware to 5.04. It’s been months from Garmin with no proper fix, and I’ve sent multiple emails.

P.S. I did have a brief period of respite on beta 16.30, but after the disconnections during my run today rendering the headphones useless I’m not sure if that was just pure luck.

  • Have you contacted the manufacturer of your Jaybird Vistas?  The amount of post about this brand and model compared with any other is is just crazy. I know, they work with your phone and everything else, but not with your Garmin.  So, something between the two is causing the problem.  Let's be realistic.  With so many other brands working well, is there an incentive for Garmin to focus on the Jaybird Vista issue?  I'm not dismissing your issue or defending Garmin in any way, but why is it Garmin's responsibility to fix this?  Why not Jaybird?  Maybe you'd be more successful getting a fix from a Jaybird update? 

  • What kind of disconnection is it? While the music is playing just your headphone says disconnected?

    I have Sennheiser CX Sports Wireless without a connection issue with my F6X Pro. Sometimes it takes a bit more time and try to connect, and even had to restart my watch a few times. However, it doesn't disconnect and stop playing as long as my phone is not connected to headphone in audio mode.

  • The disconnection issues are just a flat drop out and refusal to reconnect. It occurs at random with no obvious trigger. The jaybirds worked fine in the past but since the 6.11 Bluetooth update they have been inconsistent at best. There are no issues with the vistas and any other device. 

    The frustration is that the headphones do work.  I just have to manually rollback the firmware.

  • This is a software related Garmin issue...

    Till ANT/BLE/BT 5.04 the Jaybird headphones worked flawlessly. Than Garmin rolled out a BT update to 6.XX and since then Jaybird headphones are useless. During workout it drops the headphone in a few minutes. However Garmin doesn't even answer to this problem more than a half year.

  • Till ANT/BLE/BT 5.04 the Jaybird headphones worked flawlessly. Than Garmin rolled out a BT update to 6.XX and since then Jaybird headphones are useless.

    ...perhaps because Jaybird have not updated something at their end?

  • What should they update on a headphone that works with every connected device (notebook, tablet, phone and even with my treadmill)? And it's working with Garmin too if we downgrade Garmins BT firmware..

    I think Garmin should at least answer to this problem and check the difference between BT 5.04 and 6.06 firmware. At the end they still can say, this is Jaybirds issue, but with the results Jaybird users can contact Jaybird support.

  • same problem with my Jabra and my Plantronics earphones. I'm disconnected every 10min. It's ridiculous. They introduce this bug 6 month ago and it is not solved. If I use ANT/BLE/BT 5.04, no disconnection.

  • This is what baffles me. It works fine in older firmware. It’s such a hassle to constantly downgrade my Bluetooth firmware every time I forget because the update breaks the functionality completely. I’m curious as to if it’s to do with the power beats pro control fix they rolled out.

  • When it is disconnected, does it say disconnected in the watch too? Additionally, is the headphone connected to the phone at the same time?

    If my headphone is connected to both my Fenix and my phone in audio/sound profile, if a notification or some sound comes sometimes  it switches to phone and doesn't continue without pausing and resuming the music in my watch? Is this the issue you tell?

    If phone is connected in only call profile, there is no issue.

  • I have not yet updated to 16.60 and I have other headphones, but I also struggle with drop-outs.

    How can I install 5.04? I tried placing in the "newsw" folder (I don't remember the correct name), but it doesn't seem to stick