TopoActive EU 2021.10 Insufficient Space Issue

 I updated the latest maps via Garmin Express. Everything ended normally without a problem. Finally, Garmin Express wrote me that I was with the latest updates. I disconnected my F6 from the PC and restarted it. The process of installing the new maps went smoothly. After reconnecting the watch it to the PC, Garmin Express showed me a new update of TopoActive Europe 2021.10 is available which I had already done. When I try to install this update, I get a message that my device does not have enough space. In my F6 there are 17 GB free and the map is 11 GB. Does anyone have a similar problem? 

  • EDIT: 8/23/2021 -- The TopoActive 2021.10 EU map continues to be worked on so everyone will be able to download their portion of Western Europe to their watch.

    Please send me a direct Private Message if you wish to be added to the tracking case which means you will receive an email from our Outdoor Helpdesk team once the issue has been resolved. Thank you.

  • @Forerunner945

    D6185100A.img - 3.34GB
    gmapdem.img - 1.08GB
    gmapprom.img - 3.81GB
    gmapprom1.img - 3.81GB
    12.04GB for Maps? This is really ugly!

  • Why? Would you like worse maps taking less space? Nothing wrong with that. I even have extra 1.5GB for map for my country which has contours.

  • So I had to delete my OsmAnd cards so that the new cards fit on it. A Gamrin Forerunner945 does not need high resolution maps.
    The world hasn't gotten bigger or more detailed in one year. The update is defective and not suitable for the Forerunner.

  • And what was the size before? 

    And what I've seen the are a lot of new constructions happening all around the Europe. That means eg. new roads, that takes space.  Also think about how many new trails it might have now compared to old map?

    Update is defective.. No I've not seen any indications for that the map data is somehow wrong, it's more that the new Garmin Express doesn't understand that it's already installed and does the space calculations based that it would install it again and there's no space for it, but if it would detect that it's already installed it wouldn't offer the update and the reinstall/upgrade also would work as it would update the existing.

    I would say the bug is just that Garmin Express doesn't understand for some reason that the map is already installed and that's it. Basecamp shows it being installed and the watch itself.

    And for space-wise maybe if you would have music and you like music over maps, then one could argue that the space is too little, but then one could just remove the maps and fill it with music, if you want both then the storage size is pretty small. 

  • The first update says its successfull but it removes the map from the watch. The second install says there is not enough space... so... the map is uninstalled and no way to install it again.

  • I don't agree. I think the workaround has been posted to the thread already.

    Connected the watch, deleted *.img, disconnected the watch, waited to get watch face, connected again, installed maps.. they are there. Express still if you disconnect and connect back says there update, but just ignore it for now.

  • Does not work, same problem after disconnect, connect, check for updates. The map is gone on the watch.

  • The maps appear to be downloaded and installed correctly on my 6X. I did not have to manually delete anything to make space. Old maps have been removed during the update process. The only thing that seems in error is the repeated offer to install the new maps when they are already on the watch.