Jaybird Headphones - Disconnection Issues - POLL

There appears to be many Jaybird headphones users with disconnection problems/issues since the ANT/BLE/BT v6.06 update.  I have already written an email to Garmin support regarding this problem, but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

@ Garmin, rolling back to ANT/BLE/BT v5.04 fixes all of the disconnection issues, connection is once again rock solid, so clearly a problem with v6.06.  

I do find it rather annoying that I have to constantly roll back to v5.04, as my Fenix 6 will occasionally report that it has updated the ANT/BLE/BT firmware, once again rendering my Jaybird headphones useless.  

Garmin can you fix this pretty PLEASE!

Kind regards


  • Hey all, 

    I have the same problem, has anyone spoke to Garmin about it and got a suitable response? eg. Are they working on a fix? Did they mention a timeline?



  • There has been no fix to this problem in v6.11

  • I did (to Garmin Belgium), but I'm still waiting for answers for calls introduced 1 year before (for bugs that still exist now) so... I will certainly post a usefull answer from Garmin... if I receive one... 

  • I've been in contact with Garmin (Sweden), they don't admit to any flaws on their side. Just sent me some link to a random bluetooth troubleshooting page. So they don't seem to take this problem very seriously and are probably not working on a solution.

  • ...I have also contacted the Swedish support but there have been zero help or interest at all.

  • OMG.   I've taken a long break from some activities.  last time I did, my Vista were quite solid once I power off/on the watch.  In the past to days, if I was near Garmin Headquarters I would have run roughshod over that.  It felt like a million drop out and disconnects.   The vista seems fine with my Galaxy Note.

    And granted, Garmin has a LONG LONG history of proving they dont really fully understand how to implement BLE protocal stacks and/or how to interface to them.   (i understand not al BT devices are the same.. and expecting devices to adhear to standards is wishful thinking) however.  the connect/disconnect was amazing.

    I was trying to pay attention.   When out BT headphones are connected, we can all hear the dings and whatnot from other events, alarms, milestones, etc from the activities.  I think the interrupts from those are kicking the BLE stack in the family jewels.   BUT.. we cant just blame Garmin, as some other devices are very solid.   Sooooo.    Why are Jaybird <> garmin  such a bad combination?

    I'm glad I searched and found this thread before I posted another Jaybird <fill in model name here> connection dropouts post.  I guess I'm going to find how to get that other rollback version on.  My fears is that one of these days there will be some new BLE <> sensor hub interface.. and that old version will just be  incompatible.

  • Hi Question for anyon that installed the v5.04 and then disabled the auto-update.

    What type of routine did you get into to monitor or watch for other firmware updates?

    Do you just check back manually every month or something?

  • Great question, I rolled back two days ago and the connection was so much better, I had zero drop outs. But like you with the auto update turned off I'm worried about missing other watch updates also.. I don't have a routine in place yet, it may end up I update every month to see if its fixed. I assume there are enough users here that if it gets fixed this forum will let people know quickly.

  • That's awesome dude, replaced with the 5.04 and disabled Automatic updates: music connection is working flawless!!

    We shoud make a statue of you, in gold silver titanium...?? thank you!!

  • In this forum you can always see when a beta or stable release is available. However I'm also using my watch with auto update off, and Garmin Connect always notifies me, that I'm missing BT 6.11. :D

    You can check it in Garmin Connect, click on the watch icon on the top right corner: