Fenix 6 Pro: Increased Heart Rate Inaccuracy (too high for running activities) Since Beta 11.75 and Now 12.20 Release


It seems my Fenix 6 Pro optical heart rate sensor is reading with even greater inaccuracy than prior to the beta 11.75 and now official, 12.20 release. One could argue my perceived exertion is simply less but when I take the time to manually check my heart rate during a run or immediately after, I find the Fenix 6 to be around 20-25 BPM higher.

It also seems to be reading higher while cycling but not by as much. I have always found the Fenix line and the optical HR to be a bit more stable and reliable while cycling. 

My resting heart rate, with a little distance between the measurement and an activity tends to be quite accurate still though.

Is anyone else experiencing a significant increase in the recorded optical heart rate during runs (both trail and road) (if not other activities)? 

Thank you!