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Software Version 10.10 & Sensor Hub 7.11

Garmin Users,

We released update 10.10 and Sensor Hub software 7.11

Change Log

Added support for on device sleep. (Requires Sensor Hub 7.11)
Added support for Surf activity.
Added support for Altitude Acclimation widget. (Menu > Widgets > Edit > Add > Alt. Acclimation)
Golf: Added support for golf tournament UI.
Golf: Added support for 9+9 round, where the user can select a teebox for both courses.
Added support for viewing recovery heart rate from the activity paused menu.
Added support for the Steps data field.
Improved Broadcast Heart Rate and added support for simultaneously broadcasting through ANT+ and Bluetooth.
Made several improvements to Indoor Climb.
Improved data reliability for the weather widget.
Improved the visibility for inReach and Dogtrack by allowing one to pair to them through the sensors menu and automatically removing the widgets once the sensor is removed.
Updated the user interface for several widgets.
Fixed an intermittent issue with map load times and map responsiveness.
Fixed an issue where the "Around Me" search would not complete intermittently.
Fixed an issue where playlists with Cyrillic characters would not display correctly on device.
Fixed an issue where the altitude would drop to 0 every night. (Fenix 6 non-Pro devices.)
Fixed an issue where alarm labels were not being translated.
Fixed an intermittent issue where the weather widget would fail to load data when connected to an iOS device.