Feature Idea: resume activity reminder

I often forget to resume my activities and loose a lot of my recorded track.

Do you think it would be possible to have the watch remind me? It could watch for rhythmic movements: detecting continuous walking could be easy, a recurring pattern of a paddle stroke, the detection if I'm riding a bike works really well.

The watch could then vibrate, beep and ask me something like "did you forget to resume your activity?"
Options for that would be "yes thank you, resume recording", "no, don't bother me for 5 minutes",  "no, don't bother me for 10 minutes"

What do you think, possible, not realistic, could it be done better?

Or just an uncomplicated "dumb" option like "vibrate x minutes if activity is paused", I guess that could work as a reminder too. But could be annoying on a longer Pause. The watch could ask when stopping how long I assume I will be pausing, and start the interval-vibrate after that time has passed, but that makes it complicated again.