Fenix 6X Sapphire - Wrong distance since


I'm having a standard running track that is exactly 10km. I ran this track many times using my Apple Watch Series 2 and it resulted always in nearly exactly 10km. Same when using Strava on the iPhone.

Since 1 month I'm using now my new Fenix 6X which always reported 9.85km with software version which was kind of okay for me. Last night it got updated to and I was wondering in my today's run why I'm so slow according to the showed pace. In the end it only reported only 9km for this track. After exporting the GPX file and measuring it there have been 9.9km which is again correct. But why are the Fenix and Garmin Connect then showing only 9.0?

I think this is a bug in - Can anyone confirm this?  

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