Switching from Running to Cycling V02 Max for Training Status?

Given the winter cold, I've been cycling indoors with power meter pedals instead of doing any outdoor running.  For a couple months, my Training Status said that it was using my Cycling V02 Max Trend for its calculations.  Perfect.

Then last week, I went for a few long walks without an HRM and stupidly used the Run Activity with just OHR.  This resulted in a bunch of bad Running V02 Max readings that aren't meaningful.  Unfortunately, even though I've kept cycling indoors, my Training Status switched over last week and started using my Running V02 Max Trend instead (based on the bad data).  I know that deleting the activities doesn't do anything to the recorded V02 max readings so instead, I'm just waiting and hoping that the Training Status will soon switch back over to use my Cycling V02 Max Trend.

But, I've produced four cycling readings and zero running readings in the past five days and Training Status says its still based on my Running V02 Max Trend (annoying!).  Anyone know how long it takes (e.g. how many activities of one vs. the other) for the algorithm to switch over and start using Cycling V02 Max again?  I think that it likes to default to Running in general, but, if I'm not running at all for a given period of time, it really should start using my Cycling numbers again soon I'd hope.


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