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so seems like the Fenix 6 series have now three types of glass: Gorilla glass, Sapphire glass and "Power glass" (solar). Most probably the Sapphire will be the most scratch resistant glass, but what about "Power Glass"?

  • I debated with myself all evening between an 6X Pro Solar Titanium , 6X Pro Sapphire and a 6 Pro Sapphire  titanium but bought the 6X Pro Sapphire this morning.

    What I really wanted was a durable crystal, big X sized screen, titanium and solar; one would think that of all the models there would be that combo but I got nervous about the Solar screen durability since Fenix is my 24X6 watch *Sunday dress watch) and I don't baby the Fenix.

    Would have gladly paid the $1150 for solar if I was assured of the screen quality.  Seems they are using the same medium Corning Glass 3 screen and lower level DX coating.

    Wish I had some better assurance on Solar screen.  I understand the need for light transmission but when Garmin has traditionally made such a distinction between glass and sapphire strange that that don't communicate a better message about the solar model durability.

    If anyone gets some great assurance on the Solar screen durability, please post.  Mine hasn't shipped and I could still change.

  • I tested this yesterday, solar intensity with and without a screen protector, and the numbers were identical. A screen protector doesn't seem to affect the solar charging at all. 

  • Thanks for testing and sharing.

  • You won't get any assurance because there is no changing the fact that the glass is not very scratch resistant. 

    Ask yourself if you are willing to put up with a screen protector on a £1000 watch.

    I, for one, decided against it. 

  • Probably won't go for the solar either, I remember a few times my F5 hit concrete walls display first and it's absolutely fine. Probably best to stick with saphire also solves the question if the x model is too large for me. 

  • I've had a glass screen protector on my 645 since the start and it's been flawless - don't even know it's there. I am very hard on my watches. I did have to replace the protector this week because it started lifting off, but that was after 18 months. I have a Fenix 6s Sapphire now and I am going to go protector-less and hope I don't scratch it. 

  • I decided against the solar solely based on the glass.  I have various gorilla glass models on various phones over the last years and invariably they all ended up scratched at some point.   My Fenix 3HR and 5X even though the bezels are nicked and gouged from various falls over those same years are 100% scratch free. 

    I fully understand why they did it and there's no hate about it.  It's a technology issue, not some PR choice. 

    While I love gadgetry and have owned and own solar powered watches before from Citizen, the value add versus the risk (I hate a scratched screen) when the watch now lasts so long without it and it's only a 10% boost average kept me from pulling that trigger although in all fairness I took 2 days to and multiple adds and removals from my cart before hitting submit on the sapphires.  Because the trails I spend the majority of my time running on are tree covered and my long runs start well before sunrise or late night as much as it pains me not to have the cool tech I had to go with my better judgement.  

  • What's weird is when I saw the 945 in person, I thought the colors really popped compared to my sapphire Marq.  But when I saw the 6X Pro with gorilla glass and 6X Solar in person, the colors looked just like most every other Garmin screen.  Maybe the new 1.4" screen is less vibrant than the old ones, although that doesn't sound like something they'd do.  Otherwise though I'm kind of doubting the DX coating based on what I've seen in the 945 vs 6X.  I trust DCR to know but it is weird it's not listed on Garmin's site that i can find.

  • It is Gorilla Glass DX on the 6xPro Solar.

    The manufacturer writes on his homepage :

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    in life and in technology everything is paid...

    I tried a screen protector - a nano self-healing foil 17 Euro mounting included - not glass - but looks very different. The reflections are more visible, the overall look is impacted.

    or the dimension, I asked forerunner 935 and diameter was perfect (not Fenix 6X PS in their database yet)

    from the store where they install it on my way back to the office, I was convinced already that I do not like it.

    looks cheap.

    indeed this screen protector makes no difference in the sun, full solar icon, but maybe makes a difference if less ambient light.

    I remove the protection, and I glue it back on half of the screen - see the picture.

    as per aspect, you can see the reflexion from a window between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock.

    reflections are much reduced by the naked glass - see between 5 and 6 o'clock compared with the reflection given by the protection (3 - 5 o'clock)

    from my photo journey (with high-end DSLR and high end lenses) , any filter (even high-end Marumi, Kenko, Zeiss, etc.) added in front of the lens will add reflection in demanding light.

    same here - any protection layer adds reflections. I wonder how glass protection looks, but I think will add as well a reflexion surface. 

    as was perfect dimension to cut two rectangles whitch I used to the front screen of both my GoPro's, was not (such) a waste of money... Slight smile

    just me,