System Software 9.33

Hello Epix 2 users, 

We have fully released software version 9.33.

Change Log

Added a "What's New" screen to call out new features in software updates.
Added a notification for the user when their suggested workouts have been updated to prepare for a race.
Added a power key control menu item for RCT.
Added a Reference Point app.
Added a watch face chart data fields for battery level and floors climbed.
Added ability to disable temperature recording for an activity.
Added ability to manually update software via Wi-Fi to the software update menu.
Added categorization to Activity setup.
Added course directional arrows to course lines on the map.
Added Cycling Ability feature.
Added Cycling Power Guide support.
Added eBike support.
Added 'End Sleep' prompt to App list access.
Added Golf Virtual Caddie support.
Added Golf wind speed and direction support.
Added Grit and Flow to eMTB activity.
Added multicolor support to Climb Pro graphs for non-biking activities.
Added Overnight HRV Status feature.
Added Plan Overview page to Daily Suggested Workouts.
Added Race Day features.
Added SatIQ support.
Added Sleep Score history page to Sleep widget.
Added Stocks widget.
Added support for Run Power when paired with a compatible accessory.
Added Training Readiness feature.
Added Widget Glance folders.
Fixed an issue where GCM could show 0 instead of 12am in sleep window settings.
Fixed an issue where using a Hot Key to open Timer from the Spotify library would return to an empty screen.
Fixed golf Tournament mode Green View zoom scaling issue.
Fixed inability to access Segments during an Ultra Run activity.
Fixed issue causing Connect IQ watch faces to be stuck in their high power mode after palm touching to get back to the watch face.
Fixed issue causing device to incorrectly report that it was out of storage space.
Fixed issue in calendar widget glance where all future events were being displayed as "tomorrow."
Fixed issue where a Connect IQ watch face would be stuck in its high power display while watch was in low power mode.
Fixed issue where a solar setting was showing up in the Garmin Connect app on non-solar devices.
Fixed issue where activity summary would not always timeout back to the watch face.
Fixed issue where battery saver could enable unexpectedly.
Fixed issue where copying an activity in GCM would only allow one copy.
Fixed issue where incorrect text could be displayed on the map download page.
Fixed issue where power save would activate even if navigation was still calculating.
Fixed issue where RCT could disconnect while on the widget glance.
Fixed issue where some course points could not be selected.
Fixed issue where the "Off Course" alert was still alerting even if turned off.
Fixed issue where user could be prompted to select which wrist their watch is on after already configuring this setting.
Fixed issue with auto lap pace alert showing 0:00 time.
Fixed issue with automatic golf course updates.
Fixed issue with Climb Pro graph coloring for some bike profiles.
Fixed issue with floor climb detection in multisport.
Fixed issue with hours field for Set Timer in strength workouts.
Fixed issue with the Lock on Road feature.
Fixed issue with touch interaction when viewing a Climb preview.
Fixed issues with Jumpmaster wind entry.
Fixed potential acclimation trend arrow overlap in post activity summary.
Fixed potential display lockup.
Fixed potential incorrect icon usage in some data fields.
Fixed potential intermittent shutdown on solar models.
Fixed potential issues causing increased battery drain while an InReach device is paired.
Fixed potential issues with Connect IQ app installs.
Fixed potential missing settings in GCM for non-solar devices.
Fixed potential position drift for Open Water Swim activities.
Fixed potential screen flash when using a Connect IQ watch face.
Fixed potential shutdown after an activity.
Fixed potential shutdown after updating an HRM device.
Fixed potential shutdown on the Sensors' About page.
Fixed potential shutdown when changing music during an activity.
Fixed potential shutdown when in a strength workout and transitioning from a jog step.
Fixed potential shutdown when receiving a tip while on a Connect IQ watch face.
Fixed potential shutdown when viewing an elevation graph in activity history and pressing back before the load finishes.
Fixed potential shutdown with body battery graph on the watch face.
Fixed potential time overlap on the automotive watch face.
Fixed run/walk/idle splits for multisport.
Fixed some localization/translation issues.
Fixed transit card activation issue.
Fixed UI issue with snowshoe icon when starting a snowshoe activity.
Fixed Xero widget not acquiring GPS.
Improve virtual caddie rounds remaining to have a black background instead of white.
Improved automatic altimeter calibration.
Improved Flashlight to remember configured settings over a power cycle.
Improved race time predictions.
Improved sensors menu by moving connected sensors to the top of the list.
Improved the automatic max heart rate notifications and associated settings.
Improved VO2 Max graph to now show 4 weeks of data.
Improvements and fixes made to Green Contours support.
Improvements and fixes made to the Adventure Race activity.
Improvements made to Daily Suggested Workouts.
Improvements made to Training Status.
Increased the maximum Golf Club count to 30.
Update usage of alpha/beta status on About page.
Updated phone app pairing flow to now use PIN comparison.
Updated translations.
WHR improvements.