Time Zone - When a more graphic and beautiful display will be implemented again ?

The Time Zone on my 5X used to be analogic (with little arrows and markers and markers around the clock).
Since my Fenix 6, and the widget glances, the time zone are just lines of information with very small fonts and the impossibility (unless to scroll) to see more than 2 time zones at the same time).
Now on the Epix 2 with such a gorgeous display, it is spartiate: small fonts a lot of space between lines....

So when Garmin will again provide some beautiful display for the time zone ?

  • not sure what you mean - are you referring to a watch face, or the widget/app.

    As I quite like the simplicity of the widget/app as very easy to see current time in your alt time zone.

    Watch face - considering you can chose which time zone places to add to your watch face data complications, you could use one of the default ones that has data points around the face and put in each alt time zone, effectively giving you at least 6 options around the edges of the watch face.