Calling all Alpha testers - 9.15 released. :)

Just a heads up for any alpha/beta testers that have signed up to try out the latest and very likely, unstable versions. A new version has been released:


Improvements made to Training Status.
Improvements made to the What's New page UI.
Added Race Calendar widget glance.
Added HRV Status widget glance.
Added ability to manually update software via Wi-Fi to the software update menu.
Added a notification for the user when their suggested workouts have been updated to prepare for a race.
Fixed UI issues with glance folders.
Fixed a UI issue with workout list subtitles.
Fixed potential shutdown in stocks widget glance.
Fixes and improvements made to Training Readiness.
Fixed some UI issues with the Stocks widget glance.
Fixed potential intermittent shutdown on solar models.
Fixed potential incorrect icon usage in some data fields.
Fixed issue with European stocks in the stocks widget glance.
Fixed issue with stock closing price in stocks widget glance.
Fixes and improvements made to the Primary Race widget glance.
Fixed UI issue with training readiness bar colors in the glance.
Fixed UI issue with custom workout list when training is paused.
Fixed potential shutdown with body battery graph on the watch face.
Fixed stocks app not persisting tickers after a power cycle of the device.
Fixed an issue where GCM could show 0 instead of 12am in sleep window settings.
Fixed an issue where using a Hot Key to open Timer from the Spotify library would return to an empty screen.

Keep any bug related chat on the alpha/beta forums.

  • Without getting shouted at (but no doubt I will) I'd like to respectfully ask that any and all problems related to any alpha/beta releases are posted in the alpha/beta forums. Garmin have said that is where they will direct their attention. Furthermore, people who have signed up to the program have installed additional logging files that can provide more relevant information to help Garmin more quickly provide fixes to problems.

    We really should leave the public forums free to discuss issues or questions related to publicly released software etc. It avoids confusion, especially when people post without stating which software version they have installed.

  • Fair enough, I thought I'd just pop it in here as I think most of us browse this forum and only sometimes check the alpha/beta one. Seeing this would help some people to pop over and grab the latest build rather than stumble on it in a few days or whenever they check next.

    That was my thoughts anyway as I've been waiting on an update to hopefully polish up the shortcomings of 9.14, so I was pretty happy to see the latest 9.15 drop with some good fixes. Smiley

    Completely agree all chat relating to bugs etc should be in those forums.

  • I don't know if it's your case or not but i would like to add that people who wants to follow the alpha/beta releasing should turn on the notification in the announcement forum

    In that way, you get a notification whenever there is a new post(aka new release).

  • I must have missed that, turned it on! :)

    There's no obvious way to delete this thread so might have to just let it sink and die.

  • I agree and disagree with your point. 

    I disagree that this shouldn't be posted here -I like the fact that this is posted here to give those of us who are not on the beta an idea of what is going on. So from that perspective - yes please continue to post these.

    I agree that this post shouldn't go into issues around the beta with heavy discussion on it, that should absolutely be with in the beta forums.

    Perhaps if possible to post then maybe lock the thread.