Epix 2 - software version 7.35 - Public Release Candidate

Hello Fēnix 7 and Epix customers,

We are excited to announce that the Beta Program for the fēnix 7 and Epix series is beginning soon!

Today, we are providing early access to our version 7.35 software update. This software is considered a “Public Release Candidate” – this means that this exact software version is planned to “go Live” as a public update as long as no critical issues are observed. All copies of version 7.35 will be identical, so there are no differences in functionality whether you install version 7.35 as a Public Release Candidate or wait for the update to be a live public update. We are providing the 7.35 update now, so that interested users can install this update early if they would like to do so.

Please email the Garmin Outdoor Quality Team if you find issues in software after installing this update: [email protected]

If you’ve participated in the Beta Program with previous Fēnix product lines, you’ll notice a few changes from how we have managed this in the past. And further down the line, we’ll have some additional improvements to the Beta Program (more on that later!) Notably, the fēnix 7/Epix watches use one single update file to update system software and peripheral updates (GPS version, Wireless version, etc.) So you no longer need to install multiple update files. Additionally, this forum post is now the primary resource for reading the change log notes – they are not available on another webpage. (There will be more options for viewing change logs after we implement the additional improvements to our beta program.)

The link to download the software update is listed below. Please note that your computer will download a .zip file when you open this link. This zip contains the software update, as well as a folder with the files necessary for backdating software, and instructions for this process if you choose to do so. Remember, backdating software will reset all settings.

 Use this link to download the zip for your watch to update to version 7.35:

Change log for version 7.35:

  • Improved audio quality.
  • Fixed issue where some smart notifications would still alert, even though the setting was disabled.
  • Fixed issue which could cause the wrist heart rate lights to stay on while the watch was off-wrist.
  • Fixed an issue that could show incorrect Sunrise/Sunset times on watch face.
  • Fixed an issue where VO2 Max/Training Status data did not follow the specified Data Color setting.
  • Fixed Issue where Sunrise/Sunset Times Could Overlap.

Instructions for updating software:

  • Download the .zip specific to your watch, using the links above.
  • Connect the watch to your computer.
  • Copy the included gupdate.gsp file to the Primary\Garmin folder on your watch.
  • Disconnect the watch from the computer and it will prompt you to update software.

After updating, your watch will be running the following software versions. These can be confirmed on the Menu – System – About pages.

  • Primary Software Version: 7.35
    • This is the number on the very first About page. This number should always match the “Host” version number written on the 5th About page.
  • GPS: 2.27
  • Wireless: 24.46
  • Sensor Hub: 16.05
  • Epix Touch Screen: 10.07

Garmin Outdoor Quality Team