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System Software 7.24

Hello Epix 2 users, 

We have fully released software version 7.24.

Change Log

Added the ability to tap the left side of an item in the alarm list to edit that alarm. Right side of the item still toggles on/off, and press and hold anywhere still opens edit as well.
Fixed potential shutdown when using Wifi.
Fixed issue where user could get stuck in saving spinner in Health Snapshot.
Fixed Satellites setting for "Max Accuracy" power mode (multi-band models).
Fixed potential shutdown in indoor climb activities.
Fixed potential issue with post activity summary for pool swim activities.
Fixed issue with Race Predictor watch face Pace and Time.
Fixed issue with button operation in Wallet pin entry.
Improvements made to on-device sleep detection and sleep staging.
Improved vehicle position on map.
Improved Wifi for some network types that previously had issues.
Epix: Display will now never turn off when on wrist.
Epix: Set display on/off as a default power control and added to the existing power controls if necessary.
Epix: Fixed a UI issue in InReach messaging.