16.22 firmware battery drain

I'm signed up for Beta software, and starting around v16.xx firmware, battery drain really picked up. Typically the watch was around 0.15%/hr, but on 16.22 I'm averaging around 0.6%/hr. I also have a ton of issues with Bluetooth stability now. My guess is that the battery drain is due to these connection issues. Unfortunatly a soft reset and running the battery down to 0% with a full charge to 100% has not fixed the issue. Does a hard reset still wipe the HRV and Training Readiness data?

  • Hard reset doesn’t reset any of the stats as it used to. They all sync back to the watch from GC based on my recent experience. The only missing data (on the watch) I’ve noticed is you’ll the charts displaying race time predictor and endurance score, however the absolute ‘current’ values will come back over to the watch. If you also have VO2Max for running and cycling, you’ll only get whichever is considered your primary until the next activity you do for the one that’s secondary. 

  • I'm having virtually the same issue with my Enduro 2 and battery running down like 10% in a day with no GPS activity (mind you, the watch is not even 4 months old and previously would drain like 2-3% in a day). the bluetooth connection is quite unstable since the update, disconnecting and reconnecting to my phone seemingly at random throughout the day, frequently disconnecting at night while I'm sleeping with it on, which was never an issue before. it's like something in the update messed with bluetooth performance...I wonder if this is why my battery is draining more quickly...

  • I seem to be having the following issues with my Epix2 and since these popped up a few weeks ago I suspect they relate to the 16.22 firmware. Does anybody have similar issues? Any solution, or maybe downgrade would help?

    1. Sometimes my runs have an unreasonably low HR for the first 10-20 minutes, then suddenly the watch realizes that it's wrong and jumps to the correct HR.

    2. Strong battery drain i.e. around 30% per day without any activities. I uninstalled all watch faces and apps, restarted, no luck.
  • The unfortunate reality is that you likely have corrupted files causing the battery drain. I had to do a full reset and start over again. My Enduro 2 now is back to around 2 weeks on a full charge.