Software Version 12.20

Hello Descent MK2 users, 

We have fully released software version 12.20, this update also incudes several sensor updates (GPS: 5.40, ANT/BLE/BT: 6.15, MK2/2s Sensor Hub 16.05).

Change Log

[IN-DIVE CHANGE] Fixed the CCR app showing a popup when the diluent’s PO2 was over the PO2 critical limit, when not bailed out.
[IN-DIVE CHANGE] While on the surface at the end of the dive, NDL will be replaced with the time until the dive saves (unless there is an alarm active or a deco/safety stop is required).
[IN-DIVE CHANGE] The safety stop broken alarm will no longer fire again if it already fired in the last 10 seconds.
[IN-DIVE CHANGE] The main dive screen will now continue to display the (paused) safety stop timer if above a missed safety stop, instead of displaying NDL time.
[IN-DIVE CHANGE] Added the ability to save and quit a dive early if on the surface, by selecting Stop Dive in the menu.
[IN-DIVE CHANGE] [Mk2i only] Added a second page to the Subwave network screen, showing approximate depths of other divers in the network.
[IN-DIVE CHANGE] Completely reworked the Apnea and Apnea Hunt apps: The in-dive screen and up to 5 surface screens are now customizable. The data screens have been reset for these two apps. Added the ability to view hang time, ascent, and descent statistics for Apnea dives in the dive log.
Added the ability to change the last decompression stop depth. You can now choose between 10/15/20 feet or 3/4.5/6 meters. This does not impact safety stops. This feature is also available in the Plan Dive app.
Added a “Pop-up” setting for dive depth and time alerts. Dive alerts with this setting off will tone/vibe and blink the depth or time field, but won’t show the normal popup. New alerts for Apnea/Apnea Hunt will default this setting to Off. Existing alerts, and new alerts for the other dive apps, will default this setting On.
Added a prompt to save if an Apnea/Apnea Hunt session hasn’t been saved 30 minutes after the last dive.
Added a simple stopwatch to the Apnea/Apnea Hunt surface loop.
Added the ability to delete the first CCR diluent, as long as there’s another one available.
Added the ability to access the main menu and the controls menu while on the dive screens, pre-dive.
Added the Surface Gradient Factor field as an option for gas dives.
Added support for searching Dive POI waypoints by name.
Added a notification if a software update is waiting to be installed when the watch is removed from a wall charger.
Added a new page to the Surface Interval widget to allow seeing detailed no-fly information, including when the timer will expire.
Dive logs can now be deleted like other activities. Deleting a dive may cause dive numbers to get out of sync until the next sync with Connect.
Improved the No-fly time calculation to follow DAN’s most recent guidance: Single-day no-deco dive is 12 hours. Repetitive or multi-day no-deco dive is 18 hours. Decompression dive is 24 hours. Only dives deeper than 15 feet and longer than 3 minutes trigger no-fly restrictions. Missed decompression or gauge mode: 48 hours, as before. You can change back to the previous flat 24-hour timer by using the Dive Setup > No Fly setting.
Improved Apnea/Apnea Hunt to always use every-second recording, regardless of the Data Recording setting.
Improved how Apnea activities calculate Time Out.
Improved how the temperature plot y-axis scales in the dive log.
Improved the dive alert menus to no longer show the “Alert Added!” popup every time a new dive alert is added.
Renamed Bottom Time to Dive Time in the dive log for clarity.
Fixed an animation issue that could cause intermittent excessive battery drain.
Fixed a potential UI responsiveness issue when wireless communication is disabled.
Fixed a potential crash when using the Reset Surface Pressure prompt.
Fixed a potential crash when viewing a dive log synced from Connect.
Fixed an issue that could cause pulse ox to get turned on after using a Connect IQ app, causing high battery use.
Fixed an issue where divider lines may not turn red when in bailout mode in a CCR dive.
Fixed average depth in Gauge mode failing to update, if the watch was rebooted mid-dive.
Fixed the Tide app sometimes not drawing the chart correctly.
Fixed several localization issues.
Pulled in changes from fenix 6X/s Pro through version 20.50. Major new features include the Adventure Race app, Sleep Score by Firstbeat, and updates to Garmin Pay.