T1 transmitter update

Anyone know how to update the T1 transmitter? I keep getting the notification that an update is available after A dive but cannot seem to figure out how to apply the update. The support page says to use software update in the sensors & accessories menu but I do not have that option in the menu. The only place I have software update is in the main system menu.

  • Hi, 

    Reading the Transmiter manual , First syncro the watch with garmin express. Then install regulator and pressure tank. Finally, with transmitter paired and mounted on regulator, go to Watch and menu\dive setup\air integration\transmitters  Select you transm... When connected appears select softwareUpdate. 


  • The problem is I don't have the software update option in the transmitter menu. The watch shows me there is a transmitter update available after a dive but I don't get an option to apply the update. My watch is on 4.10 now, T1 is still on 2.50, I believe the latest version is 2.52

  • Hello, when you select your transmitter in the transmitters Menu, connected will appear. After this appears it can take up to 1 minute for the Software Update option to appear while your Descent determines the transmitter's software version and battery status. If you still do not get the Software Update option after waiting for 1 minute after your transmitter is connected please reply to the private message I sent you so we can further troubleshoot this.

  • I have the same issue but another problem stopping the solution. The transmitter works fine under water but on the surface I am not receiving signals. 

  • Have exactly the same issue. No connection on surface (no comm flashing) but working underwater after diving started. How to fix this ? Can't connect while on surface to upgrade either 

  • This has still not been resolved, I logged a ticket with Garmin who said that the current transmitter firmware is v4.00 which I don't believe is correct as I have a buddy with 4.10.

    I also noticed that the only time I get notified for type of update on the watch is post dive. This seems very stupid, the last thing I want to do is update my watch in between dives and potentially cause it stop working while out on a boat.

  • Any update here?  I just opened an email support ticket too.  I have a brand new transmitter and head out for a dive trip Friday the 14th and I want to make sure this is resolved.

  • I received a response from support yesterday that you will not see the option to update unless the updated version, 2.52 for the transmitter, is available on the Mk2i.  It seems Garmin is rolling out the transmitter update in stages so not everyone will see it yet.  This is most likely explanation for the difference in update experience.

  • Hey guys I just want to clear up a few things. First, the most current version of software for the T1 is 2.40/2.50. The "update" to 2.50 is identical to 2.40 and was a factory level change.

    For those of you who are not getting a connection on the surface over Ant+ please try powering your watch off and removing the battery from your T1. Then power the watch back on and place the battery back in the transmitter. The transmitter should power on when you close the battery cover.

     After updating your watch to 8.10 were you still receiving prompts to update on your watch? All of your software should have been up to date so I'm curious what updates were available to install.

  • Hi, my watch is now on 8.20 and I have not seen the transmitter update request again, the T1 is still on 2.50 (not 4.00 as mentioned in a previous post). However I have noticed more frequent connection drops between the watch and T1 since the firmware update.

    My dive buddy that also uses the MK2i and T1 is actually part of the Garmin test group so his T1 is running on newer firmware.