Software Update 4.00 not working with Golf

I had recently updated my MK2i into firmware 4.00 and what i experienced is that when i play golf the GPS or Golf App wont detect that im done with that hole.

i had to update my score by hand and also change the hole to the next one.

Is anyone have same the problem and are there anyway to resolve this?

for me i tried turn off the watch and reopen again, golf function only work with first hole and the rest have to input byhand.


  • I have recently purchase a Descent Mk2 and have attempted to use it for golf. I'm having similar issues including:-

    - the automatic hole transition does not work, holes need to be changed manually.

    - the shot detection for shot measurement only works 25% of the time

    - the measured distance does not reset during putting or hole transition, there is no way to manually reset it either.

    - Finally, the club prompt option in the menu does not do anything, there is also no mention of club prompt in the manual.

    Does anyone have any solutions or is this a bug in the software?

  • Same problem here.  Any solution yet?

  • Garmin thought it was a hardware issue so sent me a replacement MK2 , the replacement has all the same issue. Garmin also found no issues with my first MK2 hardware.

    Garmin have been checking my watch data for the past 4 weeks to identify the problem but as yet there is no solution to the golf issues...!

  • I tried contact Garmin  in my country but all they can answer me is that I have to wait for new update.

    now after so many firmware update I’m still having the same problem.

    You are lucky that at least someone is taking care of your problem not like what garmin in my Country did.

  • I am on version 4.2 now and the issue was not solved yet.  Anyone from Garmin can help on this?