PO2 settings for deco diving need to be better

Hey all,

When I set the PO2 for the deco gas on a multi-dive setting, it applies that PO2 to my air gas as well. So for example I want a PO2 of 1.6 for deco and 1.4 for my main gas. However, you set PO2 for deco of 1.6 and my air shows as a MOD of 65.8m which is also a PO2 of 1.6. Now it isn't a problem for a 50m dive with a single deco gas but really, PO2 should be settable at each gas (should be a setting when adding the gas in my opinion) rather than a general app setting so that you can have lower PO2's as you are deeper (more risk) with multiple deco stages. 

Anyone else found this to be a problem or am I doing something wrong? Any work arounds?

Also options to set ascend and descend rates would be nice as everyone has their own preferences for planning a dive but thats not really much of an issue.