D2 Air X10

Garmin just announced the next iteration to D2 Air, D2 Air X10. I am not sure what X10 stands for, but it appears the watch is based on Garmin Venu 2 Plus, 43 mm. The previous version was based on Venu. 


The main differences over D2 Air:

  • 1.3" display vs 1.2"
  • 7 days of battery life vs 5 days in smartwatch mode
  • One new color, white
  • inbuilt speaker and microphone to make/receive calls and use the phone voice assistant (Siri/Google, etc.). The watch essentially acts as a Bluetooth headset. You would still need your phone to use this feature.
  • Likely comes with newer fitness features.

Still no maps and no integration with avionics. It does not appear to have any new aviation features compared to D2 Air.

What do you guys think?