D2 Delta crashing when trying to navigate


When using the navigation, either in Fly or in Navigate, as soon as i click Run, the watch restarts/reboots. Happens 9 times out of 10. Tried everything and FW and maps are all up to date. Any ideas? AS it is now the nav functions are totally useless.

  • Possible resolution strategy.....

    1) Remove any custom maps. If you go to the MAP activity, you can check through settings which maps are currently on the unit. Note that even if a custom map is listed and inactive in the MAP activity, it may not be inactive in other activities. 

    2) Remove all the maps (including the default Garmin maps) and redownload. This has solved issues I had with my purchased Topo Pro map causing my D2 Delta to stop responding at startup and activity startup using maps.

    3) Do a full reset. Ensure that you have sync'ed with Garmin Connect whether it through WiFi or Garmin Express so you keep your metrics. I recommend doing the hard reset procedure (Turn unit off, turn it on with the menu and back buttons pressed - wait for first beep, release menu button - wait for second beep, release back button).