D2 Charlie - version 5.60

Garmin has released version 5.60 for the D2 Charlie. From Garmin's D2 Charlie "Updates & Downloads" page, the list of changes are below.

Changes made from version 5.50 to 5.60:

  • Auto Fly: Start Flight Timer without waiting for GPS fix or speed threshold if unable to determine speed.
  • Improved Pairing Experience with Garmin Dual ANT+/BLE Sensors.
  • Made several code improvements and bug fixes for golf, especially CT10.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the device could report an incorrect treadmill calibration.
  • Fixed an issue where the hourly alert was off by minutes when manually changing time on device.
  • Fixed an issue where stroke data during a rowing activity was not available on Varia vision.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the device could crash during a Biking activity when using a speed or cadence sensor.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the device could crash when fetching calendar information from the smartphone.
  • Fixed an issue where smart notifications intermittently stopped working for iOS devices.
  • Fixed an issue where workouts from a training plan were marked as missed despite being completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the golf scorecard page could display invalid values.

See the next post for the list of bugs and such that I am maintaining.

  • I've moved the old issue list over from the 5.50 thread to this one, have reconfirmed all the issues below and will attempt to maintain a list of issues that remain and/or appear in version 5.50 along with any requests. I've bolded anything that would generally consider to be a serious issue that impedes use of the watch or included functionality (ie. reboots versus display or other issues). Reply below with comments and I'll keep the list updated.

    Outstanding issues / bugs:

    • [WATCH] Altimeter hardware does not seem to properly handle rapid elevation changes, either from lag or hanging (also affects Fenix 5X)
    • [WATCH] Battery drain in FW 4.20 is much higher than normal (also affects Fenix 5X)
    • [WATCH] There is no way to clear the tail number (aircraft registration) once entered into the watch config
    • [GPS] cannot receive a GPS fix within the flight deck of an Airbus A-320 (and several other aircraft)
    • [APPS] Fly app uses watch setting for vertical speed rather than using "Aviation Units" configuration [@CedrikD reported as not fixed]
    • [WIDGETS] Altimeter widget ignores the widget configuration for display units of "feet" when general watch config is set to metric
    • [WIDGETS] METAR widget uses watch setting for METAR visibility -- add configuration option for "visibility" to "Aviation Units" section
    • [WIDGETS] METAR widget displays blanks screen if station (nearest or manually entered) does not have a published METAR (eg. CYCZ)
    • [WIDGETS] Temperature widget does not display the proper density altitude when using metric units on the watch
    • [CONNEXT] Garmin Pilot does not receive the altitude from the watch

    Feature requests:

    • [WATCH] don't display the Nav Data status at the end of the "About" section, but instead display it after firmware version numbers
    • [WATCH] add configuration option for "visibility" to "Aviation Units" section, to allow selection of SM, meters or kilometers
    • [WATCH] add configuration option for "pressure" to "Aviation Units" section, to allow selection of inHG or mb
    • [WIDGETS] METAR widget only displays cloud coverage (sky) information when there is a measured ceiling but should display FEW and SCT when no ceiling is present
    • [WIDGETS] METAR widget "Use Nearest" function should retrieve an active GPS fix rather than using the last known position

    Fixed issues:

    • [WATCH] add support for Galileo GNSS -- fixed in 5.10 (with GPS Version 2.30)
    • [WATCH] REM sleep tracking does not appear to be reported to Connect -- fixed after 4.20 but without FW update (backend/server fix)
    • [APPS] Vertical speed not working in Fly app when the watch is set to GPS altitude -- fixed in 3.10
    • [WIDGETS] METAR widget doesn't properly display visibility values when less than 1 SM or 1 km -- fixed in 3.20
    • [WIDGETS] Altimeter widget doesn't allow O2 Alert altitude to be configured (O2 use regulations vary between countries) -- fixed in 3.10
    • [WIDGETS] METAR widget doesn't properly display a vertical visibility on either the METAR display or the TAF display -- fixed in 3.10
    • [CONNECT IQ] BehaviourDelegates does not function as expected when invoking onNextPage(), onPreviousPage(), etc -- fixed in 3.20

    Old Issues [could not be confirmed or appear to work as expected]:

    • none at this time