Incident Detection on inReach device from Garmin Wearable - Custom Message Request

I have a Garmin Enduro watch which I often pair to my Garmin InReach Mini. This is great as it allows me to quickly send preset messages from my watch whilst riding my bike in the backcountry and my in reach can stay attached to the top of my pack. I can also read any incoming inreach messages.

The other day I fell off my bike after a jump and activated my Enduro Fall Detection. I was ok, but my watched alerted me and I saw it count down and thought I'd check that it would use the iNreach that the enduro was paired and connected to in order to send an emergency alert.

My iPhone was out of service (not in cell range).

Disappointingly, once the countdown reached zero I got the message on my watch that my phone was not in range and it would send an emergency message to my contact once my phone was back in range!Now, what if I was laying unconscious? How was that going to help?????

If I was awake, I could trigger an emergency SOS on the inreach using my enduro via the in reach, and yet this isn't automatically connected to the fall detection function. I can understand Garmin not wanting too many false triggers, but have you really thought this through? I bought my in reach as an emergency device, and yet this very useful feature is not working.  Why can't fall detection trigger a custom message to your in reach contacts - even if it's not to the emergency services agencies?

I'd like to bump this issue up - it has been asked a couple of times on the forums before, but all are closed, for example:

SUMMARY: Instead of triggering the Emergency SOS to external agencies, could the wearable fall detection trigger the inreach to send a custom message (could be either a present message or I'd be happy to use one of my monthly free-flow text messages). This message could be along the lines of "Garmin fall detection triggered. Please confirm with inreach owner if they are ok. Coordinates are attached to this message".

  • The forums are not the place to request enhancements. Post suggestions he

    The referenced forum post does have the right idea. You CAN use the iR widget on the wearable to trigger an SOS. You can also use it to send preset or quick text messages. If you don't want to trigger an SOS, you would have to use a preset message (which already has a list of recipients). You would not want to use a quick text message because you would have to select recipients. Sill, you have to be conscious to do any of this from the watch.

  • Thanks, I have added that suggestion now. But the forum is the only place you ever get a Garmin response...

  • Unfortunately, the forum is not a support channel nor is it an official channel for submitting enhancement requests. Garmin staff do read the forum and occasionally will respond, sometimes by PM. But the official channels are still the best way to handle problems and enhancements. 

    You WILL get a response when you open a support ticket. Chat or phone is better than email for the initial request. From what I see on the forums, email support ticket requests can be a black hole. This particular request is not a support issue.

    AFAIK, you will never get a response on an enhancement suggestion. Doesn't mean nobody is paying attention. The more people who request the same enhancement, the more likely it is to be implemented.

    Note that this particular enhancement would require changes on the watch end, which involves multiple devices. Triggering an SOS might not require changes to iR firmware. A watch with the iR remote widget connected to the device can trigger an SOS. However, a specific custom message like this is not directly accessible.

  • Was this ever resolved? I would like to know if this is possible too as I have the same concerns. 

  • AFAIK, no action has been taken. The iR widget on the watches has not changed in quite some time.

  • That's disappointing I wonder if  ever sent a support ticket?