Mapshare shows routes on PC/Mac but NOT mobile

Mapshare will not display routes on mobile devices. You can look at mine as an example:

Routes (red) show up on computers but not on android or iphone devices.

I'd like to know how to fix this.
  • Thank you for the information. After reviewing input from our upper tier this is working as intended for the mobile version. The workaround for this would be to request the desktop version through your mobile browser to view routes or courses on your mobile phone. 

  • Thank you for looking into this issue. I admit I find it surprising that it was an intentional decision to not show the course when using the Mobile Version (which is also the default version when using a smart phone) as compared to the standard webpage version or "Desktop View" when using a smart phone. In my opinion, this results in a poor user experience. I had to explain the 'workaround' steps repeatedly to non-tech savvy friends and family who wanted to follow my progress during the race last weekend, a situation like many where seeing the course is as important as seeing my location. I will make a suggestion via the Garmin "Share Ideas" page to improve upon this in hopes that an improvement ticket will be created. Thanks!

  • I find this absolutely shocking! Having just shelled out £500 for a GPSmap device + £200 for the most basic annual subscription, I've just learnt that the mapshare doesn't show the planned route on a mobile device.

    Yes. There is a work around that goes like "click the i, click the 'view desktop version' that looks nothing like a button, click the X on the pop-up window trying to sell more InReach devices, click the little arrow so the sidebar that takes up most of the screen disappears". There is zero chance that my wife and non-IT litterate friends will be able to understand and follow those instructions.

    Sure. In a genuine life threatening emergency situation, I can press the SOS button and wait for a team of volunteer Mountain Rescue people to leave their day jobs and come find me. But the device is sold on the ability to share data with loved ones, not just as an emergency device.

    And frankly, the fact that this was reported six years ago, and Garmin's response still is "it is working as designed" is utterly shocking as well.