Fenix 5 Plus keeps turning off randomly software version 19.30

My watch started to turn off randomly last week when I was using it for an activity. Since that, the watch has been randomly turned off even without being used in an activity. 

I did a factory reset and lost all my programming - that in my case sucks because of all the time that I spend customizing the watch.

But I still have the same issue. of the watch randomly turn off 

The software version is the 19.30 

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  • So it switches itself off, and does not reboot itself, correct? Chances are it is the battery. If you have charged the watch fully, how long before it switches itself off? If the battery is empty, how long until it is fully charged? Does it become hot to the touch when charging? In that case, take it off the charger and do not charge it again.

    If the battery is bad, it is possible to replace. It may be buried in old threads, but there is information on this forum about it.

  • I don't think is the battery because when I turn it on the watch still has some juice. If I am in an activity the watch will turn off again in a few seconds. 

  • If it is not the battery, it could be a corrupt file. When you did a reset to factory defaults, did you also erase all files?

    To exclude issues like corrupt files, 3rd party apps, syncing issues: charge the watch, reset it to defaults including erasing everything, don't link it to your phone or wifi or computer, start any indoor activity and see for how long it will run while checking the battery level every 5 minutes.  If that works well without excessive battery drain, repeat the test with GPS outside. If it quickly shuts off with little battery left, the battery is bad. If it shuts down quickly with almost all battery capacity left, it still does not rule out the battery completely, but it may be another issue with excessive power requirements from a part of the system. Which you probably won't be able to fix yourself, but it saves the trouble of replacing a battery when that was not the root cause.

  • So this morning I used to track two activities without the watch turning off. But when I was on my way to work the watch rebooted and got stuck on the triangle logo. I was forced to turn off the watch and when I turned it back on the battery was at the same % 

    - In reply to your question - When this first happened this i was at the field outside playing soccer, so I did the factory reset and did not add anything. I was without my phone or computer at the moment. When I got home I linked to my phone and started to re-download all the apps. When I woke up the watch was off. I turned it back on and started my day without any issues. Sunday when I was playing soccer the same issue started happening and the watch started rebooting in the middle of the game so basically I lost all my data again. So I assume it was the APP that I was using. I delete the APP and will be using just the Run APP for this. But the watch is still randomly rebooting. 

  • I am sorry you have the issue. For the type of issue you are experiencing, the soft reset and reset to defaults are your main troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. You might be able to still exchange your watch for your same recertified watch through Product Support.

  • Rebooting is at least a bit better than turning off and not on. But it seems the device is not OK at all. I'm not giving it much of a chance, but if you PM me and send the logs from the Eventlogs folder, I may sometimes be able to guesstimate what the issue is. It is almost never fixable though. Try Garmin support. Out of warranty replacement is not free, but always cheaper than a new device.

  • I did both the factory reset and the soft reset. And just now the watch rebooted. At least this time the watch did not turn off. 

    With your experience what do you recommend? 

  • Can you let me know the best way to send you the file and how to get it? 

  • Personal message here on the forum and I think you can upload a file in that message.You can also attach them in a public post here, but the serial number of your watch is in the files so you may not want that.

    To get the files, connect your watch to a computer via USB, use a file explorer to go to the device and open /Garmin/Evntlogs. It contains 2 files.

  • With your experience what do you recommend? 

    In most situations, a watch will need to be replaced if the resets did not resolve the behavior. I will send you a Private Message to go over one more series of steps you can try from the files side of your watch.