Map update slows down maps

I updated the maps on my Garmin Fenix 5s plus yesterday. When I toggled the options to look at the map the screen was blank and it took the map a long time to load.  the scroll and zoom features are also adversely affected.  Is there a simple solution to solve this issue? 

  • i have an 'advise' to update my Garmin Fenix 5X Plus, but i am glad how it works, so i will not update them. See lots of issues.  My maps are okey and it had the Bulgarian orthographic maps at installations when i bought it from a colleague mountain runner.  So, thx for warning me indeed not to update the maps for some hours, because i know most paths and only some mountain paths are not indicated but then i know i have to run back... haha. In the snow or in the mud or in the heat, we have a continental climate between minus 25 and plus 45 degrees Celsius here in Bulgaria. +je

  • Try clearing all your stored activities/ workouts on your watch then restart your watch.  I hope that works. 

  • I had a similar issue when I updated my maps.  See if clearing the stored workout data from your watch and then restart will work.