Map update slows down maps

I updated the maps on my Garmin Fenix 5s plus yesterday. When I toggled the options to look at the map the screen was blank and it took the map a long time to load.  the scroll and zoom features are also adversely affected.  Is there a simple solution to solve this issue? 

  • Ask Garmin. They keep messing up the maps from time to time, and seem not to know what to do to prevent this from happening. 

    If you look a bit around, there are plenty of threads like this in the forum. :-(

  • Mines the same! very frustrating - just trying to chat to them now to see if I can get a solution

  • I contacted customer service and the rep instructed me to do a hard restart which did not help much. Then the rep. advised me to delete old activities on the watch. It still did not work.  I am currently using a third-party map without a problem.  I will attempt a reinstall when I have a chance. Please let me know if your solution works out. 

  • I had the same problem today.

    I deleted my activities and rebooted the watch but that did not fix.

    In the end I used Garmin Express to re-install the maps (I did not delete them first). For the time being it seems to have fixed the issue but I don't know for how long

  • I’ve re installed maps 3 times now but the issue comes back after a week or so. 

  • How did you do that? I thought map updates are only possible via Garmin Express and not with Garmin Connect.

    Luckily I did not have any issues with the latest update and the TopoActive Europe Maps 2020.20 work very well and fast.
    Do you have other maps activated which might slow down the system (apart from the Basemap of course)?

  • How do you get notified of map updates? I see in Connect when there are software updates, but have never seen anything about map updates. There is no map subscription in my account either (which used to be there when I still owned an Epix). Hope that this is not because I am the second owner of this 5 Plus. 

    I prefer to check if I can get an update, before I go through the trouble to arrange a Windows system for running Express on.

  • Typo, I meant to say Garmin Express

  • The only notification I get about map updates is when I sync my watch with Garmin Express. I searched a bit and found a confirmation here (unfortunately in German):

    On such sites and in the forum you may also find hints about updates. I am not a Linux-expert but might be something like running Garmin Express on Wine an option?
    I have my F5+ since 18 months now and I find only minor improvements of the maps, but I must admit that the quality of Open Street Maps is very good in Germany since many years (Garmin is also based on OSM). So for other countries there might be major improvements with updates.

  • Thanks for replying and the link! Last I tried Express in Wine, it had so many prerequisites I couldn't get it to run.

    So I gave in in the end..  and an old laptop has been chugging along with Express on Win10 for hours to update the Garmins in the house. 

    It was a BIG help - no more constant hanging and restarting GCM syncs, no more annoying 'there's an update' prompts. Even the old original Fenix had some language text file update.

    The maps are an improvement in my area - new cycle paths showed up. But they are way slower, so I'm going to back to the old maps or custom maps, not sure yet.