Distance won't display in default watch faces data fields

Hi, I have a fenix 5 plus, and when I customise the standard watch faces to include dispance (the little running man) it only ever displays 0.0 miles. However if I select a custom watchface from the ConnectIQ site, they work fine, as does the actual display of disance from the steps widget. It just won't display in the standard fenix 5 plus watch face data fields.

I have stride length set etc and have tried updating to latest firmware etc but nothing seems to make any difference. I did have a previous identical watch that I returned, and it worked OK on that as I took photos of the watch faces before I returned it, so I know it should work.

Am I missing something? Does anyone else have this problem or have I got a faulty watch that I need to exchange whilst I can?

Thanks for any insight!