Recalculation gets stuck on 80%...always

Montana 700i with last firmware updates.

With explore app I will pass an address to calculates slowly but it works.

If if I leave the route, it tries to recalculate the route but it stops at 80%. After a lot of time it shows an error...a message similar to unable to calculate the route.

are there options that I need to check? (I use it on motorbike with car profile)

  • I am in the UK and I have had this issue using City Navigator, . When I went off route it seemed to struggle to recalculate the route, then eventually locked up at 80%,  It also stopped the navigation before I reached my destination?  I only purchased this a few weeks so it has not had much use so we will see how it performs  over the next month 

  • Hi Everyone. Finally Garmin came back to me. This is what they say, I hope it helps:

    A route calculation error, stating that the maps do not have routable roads, can appear when the routing settings of a device are not supported by the installed maps. Mapping products like the preloaded basemap or Topo US 100K do not support turn-by-turn routing. With only these maps installed the device's routing settings must be set to direct routing (if the setting is labeled 'Activity'), or off road (if the setting is labeled 'Guidance Method').

    To use other activity options or one of the on road guidance methods, a routable mapping product is required. With a routable map, such as City Navigator or Topo US 24K, the device will be able to use the roads and/or trails that appear on the map to calculate a turn by turn route to a destination.

    For instructions on changing these settings, refer to the Routing Settings section of your device's owner's manual. To find the owner's manual, if you identified the specific device you are using select manuals on the left of the page, otherwise see the Related Content below. 

    Hope you have a good day,