How to get rid of annoying mountain logo with up/down arrow

Whenever I navigate a track, on top of the purple line of my track there are many annoying mountains logo with an up ou down arrow that basically prevents me from seeing my track in the first place. 

How can I get rid of them, they have no use for them, besides hiding my track.  I also had the same problem on my Montana 650.

  • No, you are not the only one - this is normal operating process, thus the reason for adding the feature request to allow this feature to be controlled via the user waypoint map zoom setting.

    BTW, zooming in just one more zoom level to 3km greatly improves readability, and following your track at 5km or higher map scale really is not practical, especially since your 'speed racer' vehicle icon is about 5x larger than any of the 'peak' symbols and obscures much more of the track than they do.

  • But what is the purpose of showing those icons? When I zoom in a lot closer I still see them, and whenever I hit an top icon it does not remotly look like an minor elevation, and same thing when I hit a bottom icon.  So if it is useless when navigating a track, why show it in the first place?

  • I forgot to mention, when I look at my track at a higher zoom level, I am not moving, I just want to take a look at the entire track to get an idea of my tracks takes me, so I get a quick glimpse of where I should stop for gas or food when I go for a ride with my ATV.  Without those icons, it would be a lot easier to see where my track is located.

  • Because some users like to see the high and low points of the track, on the map page, in relation to their current location.

    You may feel the feature is 'useless', but others may feel differently. Clearly, there was sufficient demand for the feature at some point in the past that Garmin software engineers included it.

  • That is very well understood.

    A feature request has been generated to ask Garmin to allow the user to control when those symbols are displayed.

    Now we wait and see if they decide to change anything in a future firmware update.

  • This would be a very nice feature, make sure you also provide it on the Montana 600 / 610 / 650 / 680 because all my friends that are using the other Montanas also complained about this, so I am not the only one having problems with this.Thanks!

  • I have a Montana 600.  I think I figured out a solution, albeit not simple.  It seems that you only get those up/down icons if the Track contains Elevation info.  If your Track doesn't contain Elevation, you don't see those.  I did some experimenting; it seems if I create a Route and then "create Track from Route" (right click in the side menu), the resulting Track WILL have Elevation info IF the map I'm displaying has elevation, but WON'T contain Elevation if the map doesn't, e.g., the "Global Map" in BaseCamp.  I know it's not a simple setting, but thought I would share anyway.  Disclaimer, this has not been tested on Montana 700.