Montana 700, advice for a case?


has anybody an idea for a suitable case (belt-bag) for the Montana 700?

Thank you in advance for your help.

  • The Gizzmo vest custom made case has now been releases, I have only found it on and (US sites not UK) at the moment and it is quite expensive, however having used these products on previous models I can say that the protection they offer is probably unrivaled whilst giving full functionality. They bulk up the unit a bit but this is where the protection comes from

  • Not sure if this helps, as it's less a "case" and more a carry method. I took apart a Motorcycle mount for my Montana 700i and added two BladeTech MolleLok fasteners. The holes lined up perfectly, and I can orient it in either direction when carrying it. It will also take the BladeTech belt clip, but only in a landscape direction. It would not be hard to drill additional holes for it to be oriented in Portrait. This allows me to mount it to any molle strap compatible bag or platform.