Internal test inop?

Messenger running and can operate , send track points and msg etc.

When I try to use the buid in test by going to menu, IR, Test,

I can start the test, GPS fix is obtained (even when this is already tracking) and then test msg seems to be sent, or at least the messenger says so.

Then comes waiting for response, together with advise to place the device under free sky....

( or connect it to messenger app ?!?)

there is however no result received, after abt 30min, the display changes to something like 'you probably have no plan'

This is not true, all works otherwise, plan is in fact unlimited and the device is under free sky all the time.

Did someone managed to use this test successfully?

  • Testing while connected to the app yields to instant success.

    Testing while standalone takes a few cycles through the warning message but eventually succeeds for me. Note that the screen cycles between the warning and the sending animation by itself, every 20secs or so, so you just have to wait.

  • I wait and after some 30min or so, I am getting on display that 'you have no service'

    Testing with the app connected is something I tried too, but also here no success.

    No idea what is testing with the app for, as this does not test the messenger, but the phone probably