In case you are wondering about this device...

  • Interesting, I am also using a 66i and an Epix 2. I am very interested if you have already made some experiences with Epix 2 iR remote widget and the messenger. Is it working fine for you (or are you only using phone/app for messenger connection)? I think an Epix 2 has much more navigation capabilities as a mini 2 and the mapping is also great. The Epix2 (or other Garmin wearables with mapping/navigation) seems to be a great combination with messenger (and phone/app). Hope my messenger will arrive soon to test all that. I am using Garmin wearables (Epix/F5xPlus/F6xPS, Epix 2) for years as my main mapping/navigation devices (66i backup and also always a good paper map of the traveled region for a better orientation/overview).

  • I had a hard time loving the 66i for the year I had it. It is rough and clunky and while it does have some upsides (weather, cold, use of gloves...), it was always much easier to navigate with a phone as a primary nav device. 

    Now, the wearables (and the Epix 2 in particular) change the game quite a bit as it has the same benefits as a 66i for nav (weather resistance, glove compatibility) and is much easier to use and provides lots of other benefits. It makes a device like the Messenger (or a Mini/s) the perfect companion for connectivity.

    As far as the inReach app on the Epix, it is not great. I found there were lots of synchronization issues with the 66i. Still testing on the Messenger. The biggest difference is how quickly you can type a message on the various platforms:

    • Cell phone: easiest by far.
    • Epix 2: pretty fast with the touch screen (there are 2 modes, I prefer the grid keyboard - I seem to type faster with that one with a bit of training).
    • 66i: not bad with the keyboard, but still slower.
    • Messenger/Mini: Slow
  • The keyboard on the Epix 2 is awesome.  Still not as quick as typing on the phone, but still passible for 160 character messages.  The wheel not so much.  And the fact it's always on your wrist.

    I agree on plenty of room for improvement with the inReach Remote on the watches.  Room for functionality improvements in addition to the sync issues.  But still my preferred interface.