Big discrepancy between FIT and GPX file total distance, and as displayed on Trip Computer

Has anyone else run into this?  My trip computer is giving me really bad calculated distances.  On a 10 mile walk, it told me I went 16 miles.  Downloading the FIT file, the FIT file has the bogus distance.  The GPX file had the correct distance.  Both have the same exact points, same track.  The trip computer displays the FIT calculation, which is clearly wrong.

I have contacted customer service about this three times and they keep telling me that they expect a difference between the FIT and GPX.  However, this is way off, there's no way I should be seeing a 6 mile difference over 10 miles (BTW I know the route and I know it's 10 miles, not 16).

I am really frustrated with the customer support.  They are not taking me seriously.

I'd appreciate anyone who has some ideas on this to share their thoughts.

Thank you. 

  • Other than 66i, what did you use to display the total distance recorded in the FIT file? You may get better support if you report the FIT file problem there. For example, if you uploaded it to Connect, you might try connect support.

    That said, this problem sounds vaguely familiar. However, I don’t see it in the change logs for the 66i. So maybe I’m hallucinating.

  • I have the same issue with my 66S.

    And yes, I do I appreciate that some parts of the software for 66i and 66S are different. (Garmin architecture vs DeLorme)
    However creation of the FIT output appears to have a bug. 

    Refer to my post:

    I am focused on the total ascent, as I like to measure that. However the distance is also exaggerated.

    Here are the symptoms I see from an example:

    • Actual total ascent is 351m distance 4.2km.
    • When viewing activity on the 66S it shows total Ascent 799m (descent 800m) and 5.0km Distance.
    • When I sync with Garmin Connect the activity shows as having total Ascent of 799m and 5km Distance.
    • 66S set to record FIT and GPX.
    • Transfer FIT and GPX files to Base camp.
    • FIT shows exaggerated total ascent. 799m.
      GPX shows correct total ascent.351m.
    • Open FIT file in basecamp. Properties shows individual record points.
      Delete any single line. Just 1. Any one. Then Total ascent shows correctly as 351m Distance 4.2km.
  • This seems like it is the same or very close to the same problem.  The distance gets corrected as soon as a point is deleted. How do we get someone at Garmin to take a serious look at this?  I am being blown off by customer service. 

  • The FIT file is what is uploaded to Garmin Connect when you sync. So Garmin Connect shows the wrong distance and altitude gain.
    Also if you connect to PC and use garmin basecamp. You see two files for the same activity which you can transfer to and view on basecamp.
    FIT file name format "DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss am/pm" (Start time)
    GPX file name format "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" (End time)
    One version shows correct data (GPX file) and the other shows incorrect totals. (FIT file).

  • That's exactly right.  The bigger problem is that the FIT file is what is used in displaying information in the trip computer.  So the trip computer has bogus information, and I can't tell how far I've gone while I'm walking.

  • Well I was just on the line again with Garmin support and they said the ticket is still open, so hopefully someone takes a serious look at it now and gets it fixed.

  • I have a ticket open which has gone to their techs. They should have enough data to go on. I gave them a number of examples to work on. Easy to reproduce. So I am confident.

  • Hello, just supporting the trail, I have a similar issue with my GPSMAP 66i calculating the distance wrongly - e.g 4,8km vs 7,6km latest hike  so it is not a minor difference..

    In the FIT files, it is the last point which seems to give the issue (contains no visible data btw )... leading to both Connect and my GPSMAP 66i are displaying the distance wrongly..The GPX data seems to be correct when exporting..

    Also reported to and waiting for a response from Garmin Support.

  • If you save both files to your PC, Then import them into garmin Connect. It still shows the difference.

  • Correct, it still shows the difference. The GPX file is correctly displayed in Connect but not the FIT version.