Komoot and Wikiloc not syncing with 66i

I have a new 66i.

I have updated the firmware to 5.0 on the 66i. 

I have successfully connected my 66i with my iPhone via Bluetooth and the Garmin Connect app, Explorer App, IQ app. 

iPhone is an iPhone 11 on iOS 13. 

I have been able to successfully sync my 66i and iPhone using the above apps to sync Routes, tracks, activities etc. 

Inreach Messaging works (shouldn't matter). 

etc etc. 

I have installed the Komoot app and Wikiloc apps on the Garmin 66i via Connect IQ and also iPhone and signed in on the web as well. Both have active memberships. 


Neither of the apps actually ever end up syncing the data that I am trying to sync. Routes for example. It says to the effect of HIT ENTER to download routes while in the Respective app on the Garmin 66I device (yes, they are actively paired and Garmin Connect is running the the background). Both apps have similar issues. the just sit and HANG for minutes.....many many minutes. Neither syncs, ever. Even with a tiny route that I made up, like .5 miles route, it never syncs. 

I am wondering who has had success with the sync with either Komoot or Wikiloc (or both) and a 66i<---->iPhone 

Thank you. I hope this makes sense