Explanation of golf performance statistics : "Classement" or "Ranking" compared to other players

On the Golf App, in performance statistics, what does the ranking ("classement") percentage number mean ? I have Drive 80%, compared to others of similar handicap... what does that mean exactly ? I cannot find any explanation for these numbers.

  • In the Garmin connect app, the stats are more understandable.

  • I would agree that many comments on presentation of statistics is medium - unfortunately like most golfers the position you stand against other users (they might have performed poorly / spectacular ) similar handicap  is not precise enough information ie handicap category could mean some one within 4 shots - scratch to 5 handicap - 5 to 9 handicap : If you were 5 handicap which category would garmin place your statistics against. Shots gained categories work in precise increments on most other apps . Stats need meaning against hard targets ie if you need to improve pitching to improve by 1 shot  per round you would not be able to tell  from the Garmin app - where as if you were to see that  you were plus 1.5 shots against your handicap its clear. The bottom line from this is a revamp of the Garmin stats presentation needs to fall in line or be better than your competitors - I moved from sky golf to Garmin golf for this reason amongst other reasons.  

  • I've had some version of a Garmin golf watch for over 5 years and those percentages have never made sense, and my read from all that time is that the number isn't connected to any meaningful data. Right now the app has me as a 7.4 handicap but also says I'm in the teens percentiles of every measurement except putting. Very unlikely unless only low handicaps use this system, as in only the top 15% of golfers (guessing).

    Overall the shot tracking is excellent but the integration of strokes gained seems very inconsistent or poorly integrated into their outputs and thus hard to trust/gain insights from. 

  • Check out the Garmin Support articles linked below for more information regarding the performance stats, and the Garmin Golf handicap system: 

    Feel free to also reach out to our Garmin Golf specialists to discuss any questions with a live expert as well if you have any additional questions. 

  • Hi Corey, do you have any additional info on the ranking section that I see lots of posts about over the last 4 years with no real answers.  In particular to one piece... the difference in the Rankings section between Drive and Drive distance.  As others have commented they seem inverse to each other but we don't know that without an explanation.  For example.  For Drive I am 90 or 92%.  Which seems to be 90 to 92nd percentile for driving against all garmin users, and garmin users near my handicap.  Awesome... 

    But then why is driving distance only 16 and 13%.  Considering my average drive distance seems to be well above my age and handicap according to data... being in the lowest 16 or 13th percentile makes zero sense.  Many have asked this question and have not found an answer yet.

    There was one or more posts suggesting it relates to dispersion?  I.e hitting into centre of fairway. But again no answer.

    This is the one stat that we have no sense of.


  • 100% agree - same issue for me. The links to help documentation don't answer the question and 4 years is a long time for this point to be outstanding. Come on Garmin, please show us you care

  • Makes perfect sense.

    You obviously don't drive very long, which means You are in the low range of distance.

    And since You don't drive very long, You are probably hitting more fairways than most.

    The rest are Your assumptions (that Your drive distance is well above Your age and handicap). None of which You will find in the data.

  • I don't know about that (not driving very long).  Its more often the opposite, I hit long (not anywhere close to tour long by any stretch of the imagination) and am losing balls left and right (but getting better). Hence why poor dispersion was the thought affecting. I have seen many charts that suggest with my age (mid 50s) and handicap (was over 22, down to 15 last year) my driving distance should be below 220 yards.  With my club sensors I averaged 260 most of 2023 but dropped to 250 at end of year. So my average is 30-40+ yards further than all these charts that use arcos or Garmin sensors for tracking.  I often hit over 280 and occasionally over 290 for my longest on a course.  So Garmin saying i am 13 to 16% for driving distance doesn't compute. 

    I did connect with Garmin (by phone)and here is what they said, then further replied with with email.

    "The problem with the Driver Distance is that the shot data going into it is inaccurate from many users. Like I mentioned with you earlier, there can be times where long drives can be recorded when a second shot is missed or if the watch isn't on the correct hole. That is what is skewing the percentages for that. 

    We have a case to see if that feature can be improved which I added you to, but we do not have a time frame for if or when that will occur. "
    What they are saying is lots of golfers are getting longer than realistic driving distances entered into the system ( a 250 yard drive followed by a 180 yard fairway wood being recorded as one shot of 430 yards) Its skewing the driving distance data.  They have not been able to fix this data stat so its essentially unusable.

    Just wish they would flat out say that in the forum so people have not continued searching for answers for 4 years.

  • I agree with an explanation on how its calculated would be very helpful.