Explanation of golf performance statistics : "Classement" or "Ranking" compared to other players

On the Golf App, in performance statistics, what does the ranking ("classement") percentage number mean ? I have Drive 80%, compared to others of similar handicap... what does that mean exactly ? I cannot find any explanation for these numbers.

  • The most information I have received is that the Performance Stats ranking section is the percentile for yourself compared to other people with similar handicaps. Which you have seen too in your research since you mentioned it.

  • Thank you for the prompt reply. So, my example of "Drive : 80%" means that 20% of golfers of similar handicap  are better, and 80% are equal or below. 

    It would be so much better if each statistic had a short description of how it is calculated and a few examples ...

    BTW, in the private message you requested some information from me, but I only received a "no reply" mail. How do I respond ? 

  • Hi Chris

    did you get a full explanation on the percentage from development?

  • We are still hoping for the implementation of a detailed breakdown of the performance stats to be available in the Golf app. Our development team is still gauging interest. If you would like to be added to the ticket, please hover over my name and send me a private message.

  • Looking for better/more info and reach the point where the answers are given in private messages? Agree with others lots of this data needs better explanation of what it means/how it’s determined and it doesn’t appear these answers are available. Why can’t I see putt distance? I made a birdie we guess was approximately 65-75 feet but data isn’t noted on the watch other than as a long putt percentage contributed - but all other club distance are available? If every shot I’ve recorded is stored why can’t I see every drive I’ve hit in my golf bag in a sub menu (shot history). Driver is 96%, driver distance 22%, without explanation this is extremely confusing. I’m guessing it means I’m in the top 4% in strokes gained from driver and top 22% in distance (currently avg 291yds in 6 rnds wearing watch) I’d be surprised if 78% of golfers wearing the watch are further, but not as high in strokes gained? Could be inverted and everyone else wearing the watch averages over 300 yards and I’m in the bottom 4% in strokes gained, but in another app states driving is helping me. (Driving accuracy is decent but not great so have to assume it’s the distance that’s helping me) - again so incredibly vague with no proper explanation. Your answer is 10 months ago any update?

  • The information available in the Garmin Golf App is nothing short of a disgrace. Shotscope are leaving them miles behind with their latest App update. Across already miles ahead too. I will be switching as soon as I can find someone stupid enough to buy my S62.

  • I would like these % explained.  I can’t figure out if I am in the top or bottom in a category.

  • I agree with the other replies concerning the inadequate explanation of the meaning of the performance stats. If Garmin can't bring themselves to approve a fix for this then I would have preferred the stats just not be there since as it stands they are meaningless to me. 

    With this issue and the inability to see individual shot stats without keeping score, I will most likely look elsewhere when it comes time to replace the S62.

  • Any update on this please Garmin?. I'm upgrading my golf watch to something that has more health features. I've always gone with the Garmin brand, but want an app where I can understand performance stats for improvement. 

    This feature will be important in my choice of new watch as expect it would be for most Golfers. I can't see the point of having the data recorded if there is no insight to act on for improvement.