IQ support.

I just got an S62. I'm not at all new to using Garmin, but i've never used IQ. How do i download faces. All I see is the S60 on the IQ website

  • Download the Connect IQ app, click the menu top right and select watch faces.  You will then be shown all the watch faces that have been deemed suitable for the S62.

    I have found that they don’t show on the watch, once downloaded, until the watch is turned off and on again.

  • As Dave said.  With it being such a new watch, a lot of WF's may not have been updated to support the S62.  If there is a particular WF you want, I'd recommend "contacting developer" on the WF's CIQ page and making the request.  Make sure to include your e-mail so they can reply to you.

    As a CIQ developer myself, I've found the S62 to be an awesome device for CIQ apps and data fields - fast, lots of memory, touch screen, big screen, ...

  • Just want to close out this topic for those new to IQ. I was able to download faces and apps two ways. 

    1- I used the Connect IQ app to download and edit faces. 

    2- I went online and uploaded them to my watch via Garmin express. 

    I love the IQ concept, but haven’t found a face I really like yet.