distance/shot tracking is slow

so i finished playing my home course yesterday morning for the 2nd time in the last 7 days and i had the same issue now both times using the S62. but at least i now know exactly what is going on.

i am able to acquire GPS within about 30-45 seconds, however it doesn't update my location for about 45 minutes. it initially logged me at the driving range where i acquired the intiial satellites, but when i got on the first tee, i could see that it showed my location as still being on the driving range. after my tee shot the distance never changed from 0 yards.

so basically i had to manually enter my score on my watch for each hole and then manually change what hole i was on.

then after my tee shot on hole 6 it started to finally track my distances normally the rest of the round. id say the distance tracking is a about 1-2 seconds slower than on my s60.

i also tested a walk activity to see if it would track my distance correctly and it worked fine. i actually started the tracking my gym to my work and drove the distance, but it tracked the activity completely all the way correctly... 24 miles. when i checked on garmin connect the distance was correct every mile.

so definitely seems like something is off specifically with golf tracking.

also when i check the activity in garmin connect, it shows that it didnt start tracking my steps until hole 6. so i can see that the first 5 holes it doesnt show any tracking.