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App on phone will not show shot details post-round

Very frustrating. Recent rounds, the garmin golf app wouldn't show the hole during round as described here. But post-round the shots would show on the app on my phone. I read the suggestion to start the round first on phone, then watch before playing so I did that yesterday and that worked. I could see the hole layout but it wouldn't keep score on phone or advance holes even though the phone and watch were connected. Now even though the scorecard is reflected on the app, the hole by hole detail which shows below my other scorecards that includes each hole's score, you click a hole to then see the course map with each shot and distance. The hole by hole list won't populate, so no seeing each hole and shot with distance on app. It seems my choices are play without using the app and review the round afterward or use the app during the round but have no post-round review of each hole detail (shots and distance). First world problems but this shouldn't be so wonky. 

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