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CT-10 does not register the position of the flag - This is solution (Garmin please review this proposal)

This watch is almost 100% perfect for golfing (and other things). However, it lacks the tracking and positioning of putts and the flag position. This can be solved quite easily.

This is a "simple" software solution which would make Shotscoope and others a less relevant choice.

The CT-10 can still be used for convenience for those who do not want to stick with software Autoshot detection feature. There is no conflict here Garmin!
Even if CT-10 can detect a putt and a chip. It does not register the flag position which why I propose this solution;

Sample PAR 4 hole to explain feature and benfits. How it works now, with current software;

1) You start playing and have scoring as well as shot detection activated
2) First shot. Watch asks what club, you select e.g. i8.
3) Second shot. Watch asks what club, you select e.g. i8
4) You walk onto the green and the watch face automatically changes to putt menu (basically asking how many strokes and putts and finally penalty strokes you've made).
5) Upon looking on the golfapp you can track your iron shots but not your putts, meaning that you have no idea where you landed you GIR, was it a good approach shot, landed close by flag or far away? Nor do you know anything about the following putts and their location as well as finally the flag position.

Please change the interface to this instead
1) Same as above
2) Same as above
3) Same as above
4) When you walk on the green the screen changes to have two big buttons only (call it "putt" & "flag" or similar).
I walk up to my ball and make my putt. Either before or after I do the putt (standing at my ball) I press the "putt" button on the screen. Now the watch records my GPS position for that putt.
Unless it went in the hole I walk up to my ball in its new position on the green and either before or after my second putt I press "putt"-button on screen.
This second putt made it into the hole so I walk towards the hole and standing at the hole I press Flag. This will record the flag position as well.

5) This solution will give me a complete tracking of my shots AND my putts AND the position of the FLAG which will render me much interesting statistics such as how my approaches actually lands on the greens and how long/short my putts are, do I putt too long or too short putts, left or right of the flag etc. etc.

PLEASE incorporate this instead of the fixed menu that currently pops up on the screen once you enter the green area. That menu could pop up after you have pressed FLAG and walk to the next hole!

Garmin is great!