Battery life in CT10 sensors.

I have been using CT10 sensors paired with S42 watch for around 4 months and the batteries in half the sensors are dead already, they are meant to last up to 4 years.

Clearly this is an issue as replacement batteries are not cheap and I dont want to be replacing them every few months.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • The maximum possible battery life can last (up to) four years, Garmin is not stating that the sensors on average will last that long.

    How long the battery will last before needing completely dependent on frequency of use during rounds of golf, how often the clubs are moved around while exposed to light, and the environment the clubs are being used/stored in (which falls into the standards of what affects battery performance for CR2032 coin cell batteries in general). 

    The CR2032 coin cells have a maximum useful life of up to four years, and then the timeframe reduces from there once used, and depending on use. 

  • @ Garmin-Cody 

    Thanks for your reply. For information the sensors would have not been used a significant amount during the 4 months that I have owned them as I have played no more than 12 rounds of golf during that time,  some basic calculations would indicate that each sensor would have been used approximately 100 times during this period even allowing for practice swings. 

    When the clubs are not in use they are stored indoors in my golf bag with the sensor down in a dark cupboard with no external light entering, which according to the specifications means the sensors would not be active. This environment does not expose the CR-2032 batteries to extremes of temperature that could adversely affect performance or working life. 

    Therefore the battery life clearly does not meet the stated expectations even allowing for the factors that you mention that can degrade or shorten it.

    It seems that this product is not fit for purpose as it should not require me to have to replace the batteries multiple times per year especially when Garmin advertise an expected life of up to 4 years and in reality a user may only get months. 

  • Depending on when they were manufactured, purchased from, and the timeframe from then to now, those factors also affect useful life of the CR2032 coin cell. 

    The generalization of the battery life is specific to a typical new CR2032, and Garmin does not manufacture the disposable batteries included within the sensor, so batteries included are separate from the warranty and design of the actual sensor separate from the coin cell. 

    Depending on the manufacturer of the battery being inserted into the sensor, and factors mentioned above, the battery estimate is a generalization and will vary based on those factors.

    I would also open the club sensors menu to reveal the list of displayed clubs showing on your Garmin watch, and then have all of the clubs with sensors attached in the golf bag. Pull out each club individually, and scroll up and down the list of your paired sensors to visually verify if the sensor shows "Connected" below the name of the club to ensure that the sensors indeed have batteries no longer working. 

    It would also be good to try removing a sensor and then attempt to re-pair the sensor that was removed from the list back to the watch, to see if the watch finds the sensor to rule out the clubs needing to simply be removed and re-paired. The clubs may need to be removed and paired again if changes to the golf bag have been made, or if the watch was associated to a different Garmin account, than the account the initial sensors were setup through.