Software 6.20 Scorecard Issue

I recently updated my S42 to v6.20 and used it out on the course today. I've found that when scoring and a number is entered for a hole it does not seem to get on to the scorecard. I had to edit the scorecard each time and add the score manually there as well.

Anyone else suffering from this and know of any resolutiions yet?



  • Mine never seems to record each stroke. Neither of us are using sensors but his will (most of the time) record each stroke. I have to always adjust mine from par, it never records or adds strokes.  That might be because of the distance from the green or chips which now makes sense. I don't have to time to mess with it either.  If this button thing is fixed then I am good using it the way I always have.  I need to pay closer attention and look for the Next thingy. I just do not remember even seeing it. Wed I will pay closer attention. Thanks for what you have done bringing this to Garmin's attention. 

  • Some further feedback today from Garmin Support after sending in the recent video clips:

    "I have now created a Product Support Case with the information you have provided to us. Please be patient whilst we investigate the issue you are experiencing and we will be in touch with any updates as soon as possible."

    Perhaps time to cross some fingers that a fix could be on the horizon?

  • I sure hope so. Thanks again for getting their attention to this.  Maybe they finally read this forum.  I will wait with uh.. baited uh breath? lol 

    If they need anymore input I will be glad to furnish more.. going to try the NEXT thing tomorrow morning.  

  • Hello, from what I understand the issue you and several other members are experiencing is the watch is not saving the entered score which you observe when you walk to the next hole?

    When you save it are you pressing the button to confirm? If so, does selecting next on the display save the score?

    I am clarifying the issue, and passing along these reports to our engineering team.

  • I am having the same issue as CJYOUNG42 is having.  Before the update when I was standing on the green, par for that hole would show up.  I now understand that has been changed so that it will show yardages to the pin while you are around the green.  I have no issue with that and adjusted my routine accordingly.  So now I wait until I get to the next tee and it shows what the par was on the previous hole. I adjust it accordingly to reflect my score and then hit the button. It then shows the yardage to the next green or hole. I then go back and look and the score is not recorded so I have to go to the scorecard and reenter it.  Before the update it always saved it.  I have never noticed the NEXT on the screen. I am playing again in the morning and will pay more attention to it.  The procedure I have used, I have used on my previous 3 Garmin devices and it always worked up until the last update.  This not recording the score has been since the 6.20 update.  I will answer more tomorrow after my round in the morning. I just got in the habit of adjusting the score and hitting the button and then getting ready for my next tee shot. CJYOUNG42 mentioned the NEXT on the screen which as I said, I had never noticed before since I do not like to fiddle with things while I am playing golf.   I will make note of it tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks for your attention to this matter.  It was kind of freaky the first time it happened and I shot a 60 when the save score screen came up.  It was after that I noticed I was missing 5 or 6 holes. One thing though, it is not tracking all of my shots like my playing partners S10 watch does most of the time.  My watch always shows par on the score screen before I adjust it. That is probably just me because my S20 never did either.  

  • Using the NEXT on the screen worked perfectly. I did not attempt to use the button today.  All my hole scores and putts and fairways hit worked fine using the NEXT. 

  • Hello all. For anyone who is having issues with the score not saving on the scorecard after hitting the physical button to confirm it, please highlight my name and send me a private message. I am tracking the number of customers affected by this issue.

    A workaround is to press next on the screen after entering the score until we can confirm whether or not this is expected behavior of the watch with the new software.

  • Garmin-Rob, just wondered if you had any news yet as to when the fix will be available to install to my S42 watch please?

  • I was playing golf today and it hit me about the tenth tee... wondering the same thing after my golf partner asked me if the watch software had been updated yet.  I am getting used to the NEXT function but was also wondering if there has been any new developments.  Thanks for inquiring again.  

  • Hello, if you tap the pencil icon before you walk to the next tee, does this score entry behave the same way? You have to touch Next on the screen as opposed to pressing the button?

    Also, this isn't necessarily something that requires a fix, more so a change to how saving the score entry is done due to overall scoring prompt changes we've made to the watch. The ticket we opened is to ensure this is normal behavior based on the software.