Software 6.20 Scorecard Issue

I recently updated my S42 to v6.20 and used it out on the course today. I've found that when scoring and a number is entered for a hole it does not seem to get on to the scorecard. I had to edit the scorecard each time and add the score manually there as well.

Anyone else suffering from this and know of any resolutiions yet?



  • I forgot to mention that Garmin Support said "Unfortunately there is no way to revert the software.", so that rules out going back to a working version of the software - unless anyone knows any different.

    Typing this has just prompted me to remember that I'd taken a backup of all the files on the S42 last November when version 6.10 came out. This included the files that were hidden and considered to be system files by Windows.

    I'm going to hold off regressing for the time being whilst the Garmin Support investigation is ongoing.

    (Time for a 6.20 backup just in case!)

  • Wish I had done that. After 40 years as a systems engineer in IT you would think I would have thought of that. But after being retired for 2 years, well......I am trying to forget. Backing up 6.20 now. Glad you mentioned that. I would never have thought of doing it since in all the years I have had these 3 devices I have never had an issue until now. 

  • I just plugged my watch in and opened the garmin app on the computer. There was a very small update it did. I looked at the files and a couple of the FIT files under the Monitor and Settings and Sports and Totals folders got updated. It was very fast so I am not sure that will make any difference.  I will know Sunday morning. 

  • SOS no change in it not keeping score properly.  Still have to reenter all my scores. 

  • After submitting my video clip of the issue to Garmin Support they have asked "if it has the same issue if you are pressing next on the watch screen after the prompt rather than using the buttons on the watch?"

    I replied that this step wasn't needed previously with 6.10, but said I would check it out and report back once I'd been out on the course again.

  • When I leave a green, go to the next tee box, my watch buzzes and the prompt for the last hole score comes up.  If it is a par I just hit the button, if it is a birdie or bogey or whatever I adjust the score and hit the button.  When I go back and look the score is not there.  So I have to reenter it on the scorecard setting.  I do not see a "next" on the screen.  I have always adjusted the score and hit the button or just hit the button if the score that comes up is correct. Before the watch would just stay on the enter score screen until I did something with it, from the green to the next hole it would just wait for me to put the score in.  The last two times I played I just waited for the watch to tell me to put in the score when it changes from the green I was just on to the score prompt.  (I actually typed this more for them than you since you and I are on the same page).  Have they even looked at this forum to gather more info?  You might refer them to it so they can see my responses as well as yours.. If you want you can copy that first part of the message and reply to them and reference someone else having that issue. I got a tad frustrated with it today. I had entered scores on three holes and thought I had reentered them, when I looked back to put my next score in, those three holes had no score on them. Not sure if it was me or the watch just got rid of them.  

  • I do not play again until Wed. I will take a closer look at the screen and look for a "next" on it when it asks me for the score. I just have never noticed it or used it, just the button. 

  • OK, out on the course again today and found that if you use Next on the watch screen through to the point where you touch Done then the score is recorded in the scorecard. I have sent a video clip of this to Garmin Support, and summarised again for them that use of the watch button now needs fixing after the 6.10 to 6.20 update.

  • Thanks. I will give that a shot on Wed.  I just automatically use the button since I have always done that on my previous watches.  I need to look for the Next on the screen..guess I never really noticed it.  Does your watch automatically record each stroke you take? The guy I play with has a S10 and most of the time his counts up his strokes for him.  Mine has never done that.  I am guessing there might be a setting for that? 

  • I don't have any sensors on the clubs I use so just use the strokes total on the watch to record the overall score for a hole, regardless of the mix of shots on a hole. Occasionally it seems to record shots automatically but not really the gentler shots around the green. I can't be doing with all the fiddling of entering several values for each hole, just an overall score is fine for me.